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Aug 4, 2009 04:05 AM

Recipe for cooking sweet red bean soup in pressure cooker?

Has anyone tried cooking sweet red bean soup in a pressure cooker? I am not sure how to convert the sweet red bean soup recipe into one which uses a pressure cooker. I would like to shorten the cook time. I plan to make red bean soup with lotus seed.

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  1. Hmm, never tried to make what sounds like what we Japanese call oshiruko but I've cooked a variety of beans in my indispensable pressure cooker. Just be sure to keep checking the beans (it takes a little time to depressurize each time) or you'll overcook them (okay for cassoulet but probably not very appealing for oshiruko).

    Gook luck!

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    1. re: nwada

      I thought that there should be some way to cook the beans in the pressure cooker and maintain the same texture as cooking in a pot. The recipes call for 1.5 cups of red beans to be simmered for 2.5 hours with 10 cups of water. I want to know how to convert this into a pressure cooker recipe.

    2. I would cook them for one hour and not change anything else the first time. Keep the flame
      low as you can and still get the weight to rock.

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      1. re: paul balbin

        Paul's suggestion sounds good - think of the first time as a trial run and experiment with times. The only change I'd suggest is to shorten the cooking time. My beans came out as mush after 10 min the first time I tested the pressure cooker method. Maybe increase water too as the pressure must be maintained for a long time at low heat?

        Good luck! I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes.

        1. re: nwada

          Wow -- I can't believe that the beans became mush after 10 min. That makes sense after I looked at the table in the link below.

          Note: the pressure cooker instruction says to add one cup of water for each cup of bean.

 shows that the cook time is 2-3 minutes for soaked beans using the natural release method (for high pressure level). I think that this means that if I soak the beans overnight, I should only pressure cook for 2 minutes and then check the beans.

          1. re: nwada

            You know you are absolutely correct. I forgot that you guys are at sea level and I am
            at 9000 ft. Sorry....
            Julia Child has some good recommendations on pressure cooking beans which
            would work at low altitudes.

            1. re: paul balbin

              Wow, 9000ft? That's pretty high up Paul...are you in Colorado? I'm originally from Hawaii and I was puffing when we visited a volcano at 10,000 ft (and that wasn't even the top)!

              Shorty, how did the experiment go? Very excited to hear about it since I've never tried the pressure cooker method but would love to eliminate all those hours of stovetop cooking.