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Aug 4, 2009 01:15 AM

mortar and pestle [moved from LA]

i just wanted to share something i found in the store today.
i've been looking for granite mortar and pestle for awhile, since my exboyfriend suggested granite, and he's a geology professor, so i trust his judgment about rocks.
the ones i've been finding has been very pricey, around 50 dollars.
i saw these mortar and pestle today placed on a bottom shelf in 99 ranch market in van nuys while buying a portugese egg tart in a chinese supermarket, i like the egg tart at 99 ranch market.
anyways, an 8 inch set is only 13.99. i'm not sure if other 99 ranch markets have it, since they stock different things, but i bought mine in van nuys.
i bought it immediately and proceeded to go home and smoosh lots of peppers and yellow mustard seeds with it. it works great!
whee! so i'm making pesto tomorrow.. yum!

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  1. I had a similiar experience in trying to find a mortar and pestle - everywhere I looked, they were quite pricey.
    Then, one day, I was in our local Indian grocery store and I saw they had them quite cheap - I think it was about 15 dollars. Perhaps it's best to go to the ethnic groceries to find deals on these things!

    1. Yeah when you buy stuff that is "every-day" for the seller and intended consumer it's usually cheaper.
      But move that same item to W.S. or Sur-L-T where it is a speciality item... watch the price climb.


      1. Mine was 13$ Can from HomeSense. Works just as well as any other hollowed out piece of granite, even ones costing 4 times as much.

        Same original manufacturer as well :)