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Aug 4, 2009 12:38 AM

where do the masses flock ?

I was looking at a tv show called DDD, not it wasn't about women breasts, more like Diners, drivers and dives. And saw many place where you have huge line ups where volume is high.

I was wondering where in Montreal and area do we see such spectacle.

Off course Schwartz is that king of place with constant line ups.
I remember 15 years ago, in St-Jerome there was this diner called Johnny and they were always packed.
Andalos bakery also show that king of traffic.

I know our population is not the one of the states but I'm sure we have other places that are always busy busy busy.

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  1. 2 comes to mind :

    L'Avenue (for brunch) on Mont-Royal and L'Académie on St-Denis .

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    1. re: Maximilien

      The brunches here definitely seem to cause more of a line-up than dinners, for sure. Beauty's and L'Avenue were the first two that came to mind for me.

    2. On weekends at Cosmos there's usually a lineup - or more literally, a bunch of people milling around, waiting for a seat at the bar or a table outside.

      I bet a few others in this thread would also meet your criteria:

      Diners, Drive-ins and Dives+Montreal

        1. Marathon in Laval always has a line-up for suppertime. I avoid it for just that reason.

          1. Everytime I go to Pho Lien restaurant on CDN, there always seems to be a line-up. They get regular stream of customers even durilng non-peak hours.