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Aug 3, 2009 11:55 PM

Which Asian Markets are still open?

With the closing last year of Kotubukaya, as well as the venerable asian grocer that once survived happily near Central Square, are there any good Asian Grocers left near the red line, or anywhere else in Cambridge / North Boston for that matter?

I haven't been able to find a good source for some of the ingredients I used to rely on for Asian recipes, and I'm starting to have to look online for even the basic stuff.

Do any other Hounds out there know of some hidden Asian Grocers (or any other ethnic groceries for that matter) near the Red Line?


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  1. There are Super 88 Markets all around the city although none are right on the Red Line. Reliable Market in Union Square somerville is right on several bus lines that run to Porter, Harvard or Central Square. They have a good selections of noodles, sauces, teas, sakes and frozen foods. They also have fresh Seafood and Kimchi and produce. Their fresh stuff doesn't always seem particularly fresh but if you are already in Union you can always hit up market basket for really fresh produce. Also if you go on a Saturday morning the farmers market is right around the corner.

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      If you had not noticed Super 88 is having major problems, they have shuttered Quincy and Chinatown stores and the shelves are bare with almost no customers in Allston and Malden. Super 88's problems are unrelated to the supermarket business and the public's desire for ethnic foods; their locations were/are excellent.

    2. Aside from the wealth of stores in Chinatown itself, which is central to all lines, not just the Red Line, a new Chinese market has apparently popped up in Super 88's former Quincy location. I haven't been yet, though my parents were and said they had fresh dungeness crab on sale last weekend. That location is just a short hop over from Wollaston Station on the Red Line.

      1. One is planned to open this month in Medford Square. Reportedly work is going on in the space. Supposedly one of the employees from Kotubukaya is involved.

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          Where in Medford Square? I don't recall any vacancies there

        2. The two markets that you mentioned both specialized in Japanese groceries. Their selection was somewhat different than Super-88, Kam Man, or C-Mart. Are you looking for Japanese ingredients or just some common Asian ingredients that show up in Japanese groceries?

          More specifically, which ingredients are you seeking? I was very surprised to find that my favorite Vietnamese-style fish sauce and my favorite brand of oyster sauce were available at my usual Market Basket! Perhaps what you need is closer at hand than first imagined.

          1. And then there's Angkor Watt and Angkor Thom, both of which are on Shirley Ave., Revere.