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Aug 3, 2009 11:08 PM

ACK! need to find a live jazz bar/restaurant in toronto for this weekened!!

HELP please hounders- ive decided to go out with friends this Sat for my bday, and i need some recommendations!

here are my deets:
-num of ppl in my party = 8-10
-age group = 23-30s
-budget = >40$ p/ person
-looking for a place where we can listen to some live music (ideally jazz, but i could also go for rnb,soul,motown etc.)
-preferably downtown

with the exception of joes, i haven't been to any of these places, but these are the ones im considering. do any of you have any opinions on the food and/or ambiance? :

-joe mamas
-the rex
-ten feet tall

any input would be gladly appreciated, since the date is quickly approaching.
thank you!!


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  1. you might also look at Reservoir Lounge.

    1. Lula Lounge serves dinner, then switches over to a dance club with live salsa, jazz. Fun place.

      1. I just stumbled on this site, not quite downtown but looks interesting

        1. Are you planning on eating, drinking and paying a cover charge for a total of $40? The Rex is the cheapest. OK bar food (burgers), but a burger, a beer, the cover and a minimal tip is $40 right there.
          Harlem's best of the bunch (nice patio at night) but most mains are in the $20 range. N'Awlins and Joe Mama's are for tourists.

          For the budget, I'd go to Supermarket.