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Aug 3, 2009 10:38 PM

Los Angeles Wine Tastings

I love wine tastings! I like the cheese, the crackers, and the REDS! My girlfriends and I love going to wine tastings on our girl's night out. Last month we went to the Rock n' Roll Wine Tasting at The House of Blues and it ROCKED! It's a monthly event that pairs wines with live music. My favorite was the Grenache. They also give out great cheeses, crackers, nuts, and fig preserves. Yummy!!! (I reviewed it on my blog

I'd love to learn about other wine tastings that are unique and amazing. I'm willing to pay a little more for a great quality wine and excellent hors d's. Please let me know where to go in LA that can set the tone for a fantastic night. Where do you go for a great Wine night stand? ;)

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  1. Learn About Wine does amazing tastings and classes every week in cool places.

    Beverly Hills Cheese Shop

    The Wine Haus - on Cotner in West LA. Above the shop, there is a restaurant and wine dinners. There is one there this Thursday night, where I will most likely be!

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      I'm a fan of the tastings at Colorado Wine Co. in Eagle Rock. It's somewhat similar to Silverlake Wine -- going for a lower pricepoint, etc. Generally pretty mellow, though the place can get overpopulated with hipsters. Oinkster and Brownstone Pizza are nearby, if you get hungry.

      They have an email list too.

      Also, Silverlake Wine has tastings at the Standard downtown on Wednesdays.

      Colorado Wine Company
      2114 W Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

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        Wine House

        Wine House
        2311 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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          I've known Ian from very early on in the life of Learn About Wine. He's terrific and his events just keep getting better. He also offers educational sessions, if you're into that sort of thing. He may be a bit busy to respond to his e-mail address (given above), so check out his site: .

        2. Silverlake Wine offers a few tastings a week (I think Monday's, Thursday's and Sunday's). Get on their mailing list and you'll get updates on what they pour. I went to an Italian tasting paired with Mozza2Go this past Sunday and it was fantastic. They are also doing an event at Hollyhock House on Friday's.

          1. Here is a link you might try - Plenty of stuff, depending on economics, location, and day of week:

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              Carter's link to is the best source. The majority of local things get listed there. Just make sure to scroll down. There is a listed of "featured events" first, then a more comprehensive list below. Wally's has some decent very small and casual Sat. tastings of basically one winery and some cheese, but usually something interesting and one can speak with a winery rep.. There is a dinner at Upstairs Two every few weeks (Wed?) where they pair good food and a wine theme.
              I have absolutely no affiliation but there is a rhone ranger tasting in santa monica Sunday.

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