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Georgian in Istanbul

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I have been hunting down a serious Georgian restaurant in Istanbul for several years now.
I tried Galata House- not very good food and certainly not Georgian.
The Golden Fleece in Talimhane closed up shop before I could get in there.
There's a small place in Cihangir run by a Georgian lady (partners with Kay of Kay's pizza) but there's no kitchen talent. Lobio resembled canned Van Camp's. Hinkali was limp in places, hard in others.
I can't believe that such a large population of Turks of Georgian origin haven't got one serious place to eat.
There are some good Circassian-Turkish restaurants, particularly in Adapazari, but I'd like to find something specifically Georgian.
I'm happy to make a day trip for a true khachapuri.
thanks for the help.

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