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Aug 3, 2009 09:46 PM

RI Romantic bay view dinner

Suggestions please for RI dinner with a water view. Just found out my kids are going to an overnight Wed. night. Wanna take wifey to a surprise dinner with a water view, perhaps al fresco. Coming from Cumberland. Don't want Prov. but would rather travel as far south as
E. Greenwich, Warwick, W. Warwick, Barrington, maybe Portsmouth or Bristol.

Cherrystones on Oakland Beach would be a perfect spot with a view except I'm not crazy about their menu. I was thinking we could go for a drink with a view there, then head inland to one of my wife's faves - Sophia's Tuscan Grille in Warwick. My wife's favorite dish is a frutti di mare pasta with tomato broth.
I like anything but Italian-American and fried seafood. (We loved Nero's Restaurant Oak for Prov Restaurant week) Wanna spend about $100 for 2 before tip, including starters, entrees, bottle of wine. Thanks! (Counting on you, JaneRI)

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      Thanks for the suggestion! Frank, I checked the Persimmon website and the menu looked very creative but had no prices! It reminded me of the Spiced Pear in Newport. My wife went there once and had a superb meal but walked away with a $250 charge to my credit card.
      I think I'll save Persimmon for a really special occasion and when my cash flow situation is a little more fluid.

    2. Persimmon is a wonderful restaurant, but you won't get out of there for $50 per person. Even if you order moderately.

      1. If you haven't been to Roberto's in Bristol-this is the perfect opportunity (in my opinion :) ). It's right on Hope Street (114). It doesn't have a water view but is extremely close to the water(walking distance) and you can walk to other places in the area. The food is absolutely delicious and the service is some of the best I've had. The wine list is large and you have the option of half bottle, full, and some by the glass. The espresso is consistently tasty, and not overly bitter. Try the bread salad, crab cakes, Roasted Apple and goat cheese salad for apps- you really can't go wrong with any, but those happen to be my personal favorites.

        The restaurant is about 12 or 13 tables so defintely make reservations. Ask to sit in the window seat (it's by the door but it's a great view of the interesting people walking by on a nice night & romantic) & let them know it's a special occasion.

        This is the website:

        1. Thank you for the suggestions. I ended up driving down to Oakland Beach. It was so cloudy, foggy and rainy and we were running short on time. So, we went to Sophia's Tuscan Grill on Warwick Ave. We had a big bottle of chardonnay with us that the waitress promptly opened and poured for us. She was one of the most charming and professional waitresses we have ever had. We opted out of the Wed. special $35 dinner for two with 3 courses. Instead, we split an interesting Tuscan salad that I ended up picking the dried cranberries out of. It was otherwise delicious but dried cranberries belong in muffins, as far as I am concerned. My wife had the cioppino and had so much she had to take the rest home. I had the spinach gnocchi with pink vodka sauce and added the ground house sausage to the sauce. It was delicious but the pink vodka sauce could have been a little pinker with some more cream! The extra focaccia we ordered and could finish was so good we asked the waitress to pack it up with our leftovers. The bill total was $60 with tax. I left a $12 tip for our excellent service. Ri's best BYOB restaurant IMHO!