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Aug 3, 2009 08:03 PM

white fly on tomato plants

I just notices my tomatoes are covered with white flies - no negative consequences before but this is a new one for me. Any suggestions?

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  1. My first question would be: are they white flies or aphids? But the quick-acting solution of an insecticidal soap like SAFER should work on both and be semi-benign environmentally. As always, read the label -- I think you're supposed to leave a day or two between spraying and picking, and of course wash your tomatoes well.

    For the longer term, I'd plant things that bring in beneficials, or predatory insects - like alyssum, cosmos, marigold, basil (which is a great companion for tomatoes), I think cilantro if you like it.

    1. We had these little white things on our tabasco pepper plant. They were spider mites. Mrs. Sippi used some sort of insecticide and it killed the plant. If memory serves, she watered it too soon after applying and it got into the roots.

      Just becarefull.


      1. Whiteflies love tomato plants, this should help
        In the past I have used both Neem Oil and yellow sticky traps with some success.