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Aug 3, 2009 07:48 PM

different ethnic restaurant delivery st.clair/dufferin

looking for a variety of restaurants that will deliver in the st clair west area, tired of having to choose between big chains that suck everytime.
looking for mexican , portuguese , etc...
if you know a restaurant that delivers please post the info , i am just looking for options when its take out night to still have real food and not have to resort to junk.. thx

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  1. Not many decent places deliver. Young Thailand comes to mind. Frankly, if it is take out night, take out is your best bet.

    1. We like Spicy and Sweet, a thai/chinese fusion place on St. Clair near Christie -- they deliver. It's pretty good food -- fresh ingredients etc. Some items are definitely better than others -- there was a thread on CH a few months back that helped me decide what to order. There's also a new Indian place called Savera that just opened at St. Clair near Winona -- we tried takeout from there last week and thought it was very good. We are planning to try it again soon -- they do deliver but I am not sure how far or whether they do so consistently. They are brand new and feeling their way I think.