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Aug 3, 2009 07:29 PM

Madison, WI with a baby! Suggestions please!

I'm visiting Madison with my wife and 4 month old later this week. Any suggestions for good food where we can bring the little guy with us? Local/organic would be great, but any sort of good places/suggestions will work.


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  1. Madison is a mellow town and babies are welcome everywhere, and common at all but the very fanciest places. For local/organic I'd try Cafe Soleil (daytime) or Marigold Kitchen if you're downtown. You'll see plenty of other strollers. Is there a particular part of town you're looking for?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Machaca. We made it to Cafe Soleil for breakfast but Marigold was too busy for the amount of time we had when we were there.

      In order to make this thread helpful for others who may be searching for the same thing -- Other places we were able to eat:

      The Old Fashioned (dinner)
      Great Dane (at lunch time)
      Fromagination has great sandwiches that you can get at any time of day for a picnic