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Aug 3, 2009 07:29 PM

What's good (but not too fussy) East 50th in the 100s? Thanks!

My 16-year-old foodie son and I are visiting for two days, arriving tomorrow. We're staying at a hotel in the 100s on East 50th. Any recommendations for breakfasts and dinners? We're looking for something pretty casual and unpretentious. One of you wonderful Manhattan hounds gave me sterling advice about the Lower East Side last March and I was hoping you could work your magic again in this new (for us) neighbourhood. Thanks so much!

(we loved the recs for the Lower East Side so much we'll go there for lunch).

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  1. What's the cross street, Park Ave? NYers know places by intersections and cross streets not necessary street addresses.

    A bit harder to do recommendations without knowing your price range and cuisine preferences: French, Italian, burgers, pizza, American, Japanese, Chinese, etc.? Also, East Midtown isn't as happening as the Lower East Side and tends to be more expensive real estate (therefore prices are higher).

    Have you seen

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      Sorry -- I believe the cross street is Lexington. We're staying at the Kimberly.

      We eat ANYTHING (and I mean anything -- not afraid to try new tastes). Budget doesn't matter but we don't want to get gussied up, if you know what I mean. Most of our time will be exploring.

      Haven't seen that site but will check it out. Thanks!

    2. Ess-A-Bagel at 50th & 3rd Avenue is close to the Kimberly and great for breakfast or lunch.

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        Thanks -- we'll do this for breakfast -- I hate paying hotel prices for breakfast!

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          If you want a great fruit salad in the morning, there's a Vietnamese guy with a truck on 52nd just east of Lex., north side, who makes fabulous fruit salads, your choice of fruit, $3-$4.50. There are a lot of fruit salad and shake trucks in Midtown run by Vietnamese people.

          Check out the block of 53rd between 2nd & 3rd for a bunch of excellent small restaurants: Tadka (Indian--amazing dinner special for $15), Marakesh (Middle Eastern), Ariyoshi (Japanese Izakaya), Mantao (Chinese sandwiches, mainly takeout). I work in the neighborhood, and I must eat on that block at least twice a week.

          Gyu-kaku, also nearby on 3rd Ave. (50th?), for Japanese table grilling might be a hit with your son.

          For an interesting, cheap breakfast, go to Juan Valdez cafe on 57th just east of Lex. for sweet arepas & fabulous coffee.

          P.J. Clarke (3rd & 55th) for classic old NY saloon atmosphere and great burgers.

          Our Place Shanghai Tea Garden (55th between 3rd & Lex) for Shanghai and other Chinese dishes, all done well.

          1. re: Peter Cherches

            On that same E 53rd block, have Peking Duck for dinner at the Peking Duck House, #236.
            There is a new Turkish coffee house opening "any minute" on the corner of 52nd and 2nd and I'm expecting it will have great breakfast.

            1. re: serious

              I'll keep my eyes open for the Turkish coffee house. I've never been to that branch of Peking Duck, or if I did it was years ago (are they the original midtown branch?).

              1. re: Peter Cherches

                That Peking Duck place was years ago on 52nd and has called itself on and off Maple Garden - but always the same food and same good staff.