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Anyone else remember Ocean Spray's Mauna Lai?

I ADORED this pink juice as a child...and then when I got a little older, I loved it in cocktails, too...but it's been out of stores for quite a long while. I know it was guava and passion fruit, but does anyone know in what proportions or what other juice was in there? I'm thinking of trying to make it myself because I miss it so...

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  1. OO-oh, I liked it too! I think it was called "Mauna Lani", though... adam

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      I remember it the same as the OP, Mauna Lai. To be precise, googling shows that it was Mauna La'i.

    2. I remember it being heavy on the guava. I promise if they bring it back I won't be buying your share-- tastes like Capri Sun to me-- but it was a pretty color!

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        Yeah, I have such fond memories of it that I'm afraid if they did bring it back, it would be ruined for me by my grown-up palate. =)

      2. Ooh, I remember that!! My kids loved it. They called it 'Mauna La', though.

        1. I remember this! We had it in the house when I was growing up. It made me feel like we were really exotic.

          1. Wow! I had totally forgotten about that drink. I was not a big juice drinker as a kid, but I LOVED this stuff! I didn't even realize it wasn't around anymore.

            1. Oh mygod, I remember that stuff! And on a related note, I used to looooooove the papaya punch I could get in a glass bottle with a styrofoam label at the gas station. I think the brand was Very Fine? I can't remember :(

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                I remember the commercial very well...

              2. yes, i loved mauna la'i. made a good drink with vodka, too.

                find the "looza" brand juices -- they have a good guava, and maybe they've not discontinued their passionfruit in all areas.

                nantucket nectars is part of the former cadbury schweppes empire, like mauna la'i, and offers a pineapple orange guava juice drink. also an orange mango drink. http://www.drpeppersnapplegroup.com/b...

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                  POG...Bolthouse makes a POG that's pretty decent, but I don't think it's the same thing as Muana Lai

                2. I remember it too- served from the big glass jug after a night listening to Thriller and accompanied by Grillers and mom's scalded scrambled eggs. Recall finding it a bit too sweet for me, even as a six-year-old, though. That shade of pink I'll never forget.

                  1. OMG I had forgotten about this juice. I LOVED it!!

                    1. My 20 year old son still pines for this. He keeps holding out hope that he will find a stash at a grocery store somewhere. I wish they would bring it back or that I could find some somewhere. Does anyone know if maybe it is available outside the U.S.?

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                        So lately I've also had the craving for Muana La'i. Ahh, such a pleasant part of my childhood breakfasts. Having no luck at mutiple stores, I took my search to the internet and found the following. It looks as if Muana La'i has been spun off into a brand and sold to Motts. They now offer 4 juices, with one called Paradise Passion described as a tempting mixture of Hawaiian Guava and Passion Fruit Juice Drink. Sounds like Muana La'i is still around,somewhere, just bottled under a different name. The search continues.....


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                          Good job! I will check it out and report back.

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                            Nicely sleuthed! Except I think Island Guava might be closer to the one I remember, since it's the bright pink I recall... Now to find out where they sell it...

                        2. I used to love that stuff. Island Guava.
                          But it was kind of expensive, and the percentage of actual juice that it contained typically low.

                          Nowadays, I usually make my own juice drink using frozen fruit pulp (lulo or passion fruit), water, and sugar.
                          Or, rarely, go with one of Welch's mixed-juice drinks, like passion fruit or guava-pineapple.

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                            Try the guava juice made by Ceres-you can buy it at whole foods-it is pretty close, better for you and super delicious!

                          2. I loved it, until I read the label and saw it was colored by carmine.."a red food-coloring that comes from boiled cochineal bugs, which are a type of beetle.

                            There have been reports that the bug-based coloring can cause severe allergic reactions in some people, including potentially life-threatening anaphylactic reactions, so the FDA now requires that the ingredient be listed clearly on food and cosmetic labels.

                            Kind of killed my thirst for it. It was some GOOOOD juice, while it lasted. (Maybe that's the reason it went buh-bye.