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Aug 3, 2009 07:27 PM

Anyone else remember Ocean Spray's Mauna Lai?

I ADORED this pink juice as a child...and then when I got a little older, I loved it in cocktails, too...but it's been out of stores for quite a long while. I know it was guava and passion fruit, but does anyone know in what proportions or what other juice was in there? I'm thinking of trying to make it myself because I miss it so...

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  1. OO-oh, I liked it too! I think it was called "Mauna Lani", though... adam

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    1. re: adamshoe

      I remember it the same as the OP, Mauna Lai. To be precise, googling shows that it was Mauna La'i.

    2. I remember it being heavy on the guava. I promise if they bring it back I won't be buying your share-- tastes like Capri Sun to me-- but it was a pretty color!

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        Yeah, I have such fond memories of it that I'm afraid if they did bring it back, it would be ruined for me by my grown-up palate. =)

      2. Ooh, I remember that!! My kids loved it. They called it 'Mauna La', though.

        1. I remember this! We had it in the house when I was growing up. It made me feel like we were really exotic.

          1. Wow! I had totally forgotten about that drink. I was not a big juice drinker as a kid, but I LOVED this stuff! I didn't even realize it wasn't around anymore.