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Aug 3, 2009 07:21 PM

Intimate Dinner for Two-Need Creative Suggestions!

My bf and I are flying into Seattle at the end of August for 4-5 nights-still deciding, and I am looking to find a place to pack a picnic lunch in a beautiful spot-outdoors of course. I am thinking of either a picnic or I was actually doing some research and found private lunches at orchards; however, I am a little wary on the foods they would provide, as I am a chef and my bf is as picky as I when it comes to food. So any suggestions about places or private, intimate spots would be great. Thanks so much!

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  1. How private and intimate does a spot need to be?

    My first thought is that you pick up sandwiches/quiche and desserts from Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle, then take it to Lincoln Park. Or stop by Picnic in Phinney Ridge and take it to Discovery Park. The big meadow west of the south parking lot (south of building 3 on the map; or, head toward the chapel and start scouting for spots) has views and is never crowded and is good for a picnic. But, being public parks, there will be other people.

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      Thanks so much for the info! Picnic sounds interesting. I am thinking trails out by the wineries-we're staying at Willows, so that is an option too! Thanks again!

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        Oh, yeah, you don't want to come to Seattle for food then go back. Hmm..the trail next to Willows is a very busy bike/multi use trail. But there are really nice parks on the Eastside--all of Kirkland's lake front parks are nice (not secluded though); Bellevue's Medina Park (on the lake) is small and sweet and a bit off the beaten path. I haven't been to St Edwards in years but that's worth looking in to. I wonder if you can picnic on the grounds of Chateau Ste. Michelle? Check their website.

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          Medina Park isn't on the lake...but it has its own little ponds that are a part of it. It's also pretty busy during the summer months.

    2. Since you are staying on the east side (Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, etc), you are smart to look for places over there. I cannot speak to anything that would be relevant to you as far as a park or special spot as I avoid the east side for the most part. I just wanted to make you aware that crossing the bridges (520 in your case will be closest) are major undertakings during commuting hours, so plan accordingly if you want to get into Seattle proper (like stay for the day).

      1. You could pick up a good lunch at Purple which is near Willows or Hoffman's Bakery or the French Bakery in Kirkland are options are good for items for a picnic.

        Pomegranate Bistro is also good

        For hiking there is a really nice trail by the river right next to Willows - it has a fair amount of traffic (bike and people not cars) but is nice.

        There is also Saint Edward State park on the shore of Lake Washington that has nice hiking and picnic spots and is not far from Willows.

        1. If you're planning on spending a day in Seattle, I'd try picking up lunch at the Northwest Catering Co. in Arboretum Court and then finding a nice spot in Aboretum Park. There are a lot of secluded spots in the park and if you're that picky about the food, you could call the catering co. and have them make something special for you.