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Aug 3, 2009 06:43 PM

Can the alleged mozzarella topping on certain pizzas even be called cheese?

I've been ordering takeout pizza from a local uws joint. The topping they call "mozzarella" cannot really be a dairy product much less cheese. It is a bland, tasteless glop which must be combined w/ something found in nature: mushrooms, onions, etc. in order to have any flavor at all. I'm wondering if it is a citywide phenomenon. Anyone have the same or similar experience w/ pizza which falls outside of a DiFara or a John's league? If so, is there anything that can be done or must we simply accept it as a whole 'nother type of ersatz pizza experience?

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  1. Yes, it's city wide...and could even be considered nation-wide. It's called "Wisconsin pizza cheese" and is cheap and easy to handle.

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      It's pretty bad. I guess calling it "Wisconsin" lends it an air of dairy-ness. Yuck!! Thanks for the link & the info.

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        Yep, and you'll find this crap in your grocer's freezer, as well. Even some of the "nicer" frozen pizza brands use this stuff.

      2. It comes in 10 pound bags at restaurant distributors. So much cheaper than 100% real mozz.

        1. you need to order FRESH mozzarella (Margarita pie).

          1. Actually, you can find that tasteless glop at both DiFara's and John's too. They don't use fresh mozzarella on all their pizzas.

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              i was operating under the assumption that there was a big difference between aged mozz and wisconsin cheese