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Aug 3, 2009 06:35 PM


My friend's birthday is coming up and we're wondering for an affordable dinner place. Any suggestions? Think: Student budget :S

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  1. Pintxo is in that area on Roy (closer to St. Denis though). It's pretty reasonable. Though one man's reasonable...

    1. It always helps to post an actual dollar figure since "reasonable" can vary considerably depending on who's reading.

      If you're just looking for food and drinks, Reservoir isn't super cheap, but you can grab a couple pints and get some good food at the same time.

      Pintxo, like gerbera suggested, is student budget friendly, as long as you don't grab a bottle of wine ($50+). Make a meal of pintxos ($4-$6 each) and bread (free!) or take advantage of the tasting menu for $30 per person.

      Hrmm... I'm drawing a blank.

      1. La Cabane (across from Schwartz) is a usual watering hole for me, but their food seems interesting, always looks good, and is relatively cheap.
        Had a couple of post-downpour beers on Sunday. Their whiteboard specials included wapiti (elk) osso buco, grilled squid, and other interesting choices.

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        1. re: porker

          I noticed the elk osso bucco the other day walking by. They always have some game and other more interesting things on there, for sure.

          1. re: porker

            Cabane is a great place for cheap beers and very good reasonably priced food. The fries are yummy, the specials are interesting, they make a reasonable side salad and rice, and you leave there full and happy. I am fond of the steak and fettucine plate, not the world's best steak, but good for the price, and the fettucine is very satisfying. It is a great place to go after a game. It would be fine for a casual student budget birthday party for sure, and if you get a little rowdy, well, that's ok, it's a bar.... It would be much cheaper than Pintxo, which I don't think of as a student budget place. At least, when I was a student.... Maybe students are wealthier these days?

            1. re: moh

              I guess, to celebrate, $30 for a 3 course meal is a lot cheaper than a lot of places, is all :) It's hardly on par with the price of sharwarma or anything.

              1. re: afoodyear

                Afoodyear, I agree that $30 for a meal at Pintxo is a bargain! But by the time you throw in tax and tip and a bunch of drinks (remember, we are talking students here - volume is important!), you will be pushing $50-60 plus. That's a lot of dough for a student. Well, maybe I was a poorer student than most. And even if poor student moh would be willing to pay the price, i am certain some of poor student moh's poorer student friends would have balked at that price.

                You could eat like a pig and get pretty wasted for about $30-40 at Cabane (depending on your tolerance)! I recall many raucous student nights at Cabane. There are probably some nights I don't recall too well :)

                So I guess we need to know what kind of student budget the OP is referring to.

                1. re: moh

                  Right-o. In any case, "You could eat like a pig and get pretty wasted for about $30-40 at Cabane" should please anyone :)

          2. I'm wondering also. The prince arthur street in my book is a tourist trap area for restauarnt. Anything worth discovering there. I haven't had a meal on that street in at least 10 years,

            Yummy, How many peole your talking and as asked what is your budget.

            I discovered a knew place called Brocadillo, Venesuela cuisine. I'm not sure about drinking there though. I had their gaz grilled burger and empenada and I was really impressed with their food. Compared to other south american food that I find bland. Their twist had taste and spice in it.

            Ot's a tiny place but you can fit 7-8 people , and ohh yeah I think they have a terasse in back. The old bamboo place where they had ice cream.

            If not go to a BYOB place further north on duluth, it's all at a walking distance when sober.


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            1. re: maj54us

              Les Deux Gamins is a little French bistro type place that opened up last year that's pretty good, and for my money Pizza Exquise makes some pretty great 99 cent pizza (though I don't know if you'd want to go out of your way for 99 cent pizza.) Mazurka is well liked, cheap and hearty. On the "other" side of Prince Arthur, Marche 27's tartar bar is worth checking out if you're in the area.

              1. re: afoodyear

                I'll 2nd the Deux Gamins suggestion -- though I'm not so sure it fits a student budget. I'd call it affordable but not cheap. My DD and I happened to find it on a balmy October evening last year and had a really memorable meal.

                1. re: BernalKC

                  No, it doesn't really fit a student budget - I was just replying to what's decent on prince arthur now. They did have a 5@7 with two glasses of wine and some great fries for $10 a while back, but I'm not sure if they're offering anything similar now.

                  1. re: afoodyear

                    Looks like they have still have a special menu on their terrace 4-7 with some reasonably prices plates.

              2. re: maj54us

                One bright spot on Prince Arthur (which I forgot to post) is Mazourka. Relatively cheap (They have different special menus for different days of the week or time of day - never quite took the time to figure out) and honest, good Polish fare. Seating in or out. Not BYOB, however.

                1. re: porker

                  HAHA Porker! We eat the same way. I also think Mazurka is the only place on that stretch of Prince Arthur that is worth going to. Good pierogies, good sausage, delicious cabbage rolls. cheap, filling, very fair prices.

              3. not much around that area... you could walk up a little bit to "Prato" for pizza, or a bith further to places like "La Cabane" (I think it'S the name?), or a bit further to Mysore for indian food, or Laika, or Réservoir...