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Aug 3, 2009 05:43 PM

Sunsplash Caribbean Bakery and Deli, Elmsford NY

i searched the board and couldn't find anything on them. I read an article in the NY Times about them and tried them tonight. I got the ox tail with rice and plantains and cabbage. It was very good and only cost $10. Even though I got there at closing time 7:30, they invited me in and made sure the meal was hot and proper. I will be going back again soon during lunch time and make sure I hit off the buffet. It is right off of 9A near the Dunkin Donuts. Here is the link for the article.

If you try them, let me know what you think.

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  1. Hey Mon' Sunsplash has some REAL good food, but if you want a real meal you got to go to the city. You should try the One Stop Patty Shop..... in the city. The fish stew is a must and the fresh oxtail is always worth the cash. Also, try the sea moss to wash it all down with! Cheap and open till 10pm.

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      I am going to the city this weekened and I'll try the Patty Shop then, but for local and cheap I can't find a better place than sunsplash. I went for the buffet the other day and it was great. I got nice sized container of rice and topped it with all kinds of meat. The curried goat was excellent and the braised short ribs were tender and amazing. I don't think that the short ribs are an every day menu item. My only complaint is that I want their jerked chicken to be spicier. Nice to see that someone else appreciates Sunsplash, now if we could only get some other Chowhounders out there.

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        I live so close to the glorious Ruth's Jamaican Kitchen (located on Battle Avenue in White Plains) that I haven't focused on other local Jamaican places. But Sunsplash sounds intriguing. Will check it out!

      2. re: Jamaican Food Expert

        Jamaican Food Expert:Where can you get jerk chicken from a grill not the oven can be Westchester, Bronx, Queens or Manhattan? I make all authentic Jamaican food for the King in the house and it is very good and not as heavy as most place where I live. I am looking for a more organic Jamaican restaurant where you can have salads, more healthier food??? Any suggestions. I love the food my favorite is Jamaican breakfasts, liver, callaloo, beans, etc. Take it easy!

      3. Just bumping up Sunsplash, the place is great and a cheap buffet. The sit down area they opened does not seem to be doing too well but hopefully more people will go. Just so you know, they took ox tail of the buffet but everything else is still there, especially the stewed chicken, mmmmmmm.