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Aug 3, 2009 05:40 PM

Rockaways or Howard Beach

Are there any decent places to eat in the Rockaways or Howard Beach? Seafood or Italian would be my first choice, but I can be flexible. We are showing a guest around from the other side of the Atlantic, and want to show him the view from this side.

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  1. you might consider a trip to the brighton beach boardwalk and having either turkish or russian food nearby or maybe buying picnic stuff at M and I and then eating on the boardwalk.

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    1. re: yussdov

      thanks for the suggestion, but we want to stay closer to home (forest hills). does anyone have an opinion about La Villa Pizzeria in Howard Beach? It was the only idea we had.

      1. re: SuzyP

        La Villa is a decent and attractive store-front pizzeria-restaurant in the somewhat long in the tooth Lindenwood shopping center. I've eaten at La Villa many times and I'd give it a favorable rating for a pizzeria type restaurant, although I think they have pretenses of being somewhat more of a restaurant than a pizzeria, and it's hard to argue against that. I recall the restaurant prices being somewhat elevated and the quality of the food and its preparation above average but not stellar. The ambiance in the dining room is modern and attractive but you're still eating in a store front restaurant. Why not consider the more upscale Parkside (Italian) restaurant in Corona, which is even be closer to you. It's got a mobby ambiance which your overseas friends might find intriguing and uniquely New Yorkish. For reasonable although not stellar seafood, why not considre Lonfon lennies on Woodhaven Blvd, which is closer to walking distance from Forest Hills.

        1. re: George329

          We were looking for something with some connection, however tenuous, to the beach.

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            Howard Beach does technically have a beach although it's primarily used by people who need to store things they never want found. But there is a tenuous connection, I'll grant you that. I suppose there's Lenny's Clam Bar on the East side of Crossbay Blvd in the heart of Howard Beach. It's right along the Shellbank canal so you can actually see water. After dinner you can take a ride over the Crossbay bridge and park in one of the lots on either side. You can view the activity at JFK from the East lot and even walk along the "beach", although I'd recommend shoes for this one. It does have a quirky charm about it.

    2. La Villa is perfectly fine. I really enjoy Matteo's on Crossbay Blvd. They serve family style so you can order alot and share.

      1. Rockaway Taco!!
        This seasonal place just opened last year and the tacos are really tacos, carne asada, chorizo, and tofu...
        There's a small patio with informal seating and no table service. Popular hangout for surfers and beachgoers on the weekends. Check it out!

        Rockaway Taco
        95-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd Queens, NY 11693

        (For some reason, can't get the location link to work...)

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          Here is another in Rockaway Park close to water .
          The Wharf, Beach 116 st.
          Click here:

          Then click on link on that page for Rockaway Park,

          As far as Howard Beach I would definitlely rate La Vila above Lenny's. La VIla is good.
          Is there a Vincent's in HB? How is that compared to Lenny's?

          Also does HB or S Ozone Park have a coffee/pastry shop serving cappucino, espresso and italian pastries in the evening other than the usual Starbucks?

          1. re: gnocchi

            Yes, there is a Vincent's in Howard Beach...and a decent red-sauce place at that, covering the gamut from spicy to medium to sweet. Calamari was tender and portion size adequate. Eggplant parm also fine...old-fashioned atmo.

            The usual Starbucks?...NOT...the one right up from Vincent's and before New Park Pizza on the northbound side has an outdoor patio and upper deck. Delightful!

            New Park Pizza
            156-71 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414

          2. re: chowzdown

            I ate at Rockaway Taco today and it was decent but not great. The tortillas were a sort of hard and dried out, the fillings were good to middling. The fish taco was the best one, carne asada and chorizo were mediocre. The elote (corn on the cob with cheese and lime) was also somehow lacking. I think this place has the right idea, but the execution is not quite there. It's very charming and worth going to if you're in the area, but I wouldn't make a special trip to eat here.

            Rockaway Taco
            95-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Queens, NY 11693

          3. across the street from russo's on the bay is carasello they have decent food

            1. Try Vetro, owned by Russo's on the Bay. GREAT Italian food with a southern bent. We were there for lunch yesterday and once before that. It is a new place with outdoor dining and a new rooftop lounge is opening this week. Professional yet very friendly service, homemade bread and desserts and an outgoing and skillful chef. Highly recommended. Try the mozzarella in carroza; it is outstanding. $15 lunch entrees too.

              Russo's on the Bay
              162-45 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414