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Aug 3, 2009 05:33 PM

Madison, Ct Any good cheap seafood or Crazy Burger type place?

Meeting my wife in Madison tomorrow for supper, then going to NY.
Anyone recommend a decent place?

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  1. I know you're not a maniac or crazy (I think), so what is a "crazy burger" place?
    Cheap seafood? Not sure I want to go there. Perhaps others have had good luck... and can make recommendations. I have documented restaurants between New Haven and NYC on my Google maps.
    Here, currently in BC, I can go and collect prawns, oysters, clams and fish. No cost...

    1. If not too late, what about cafe routier in Westbrook (close to Madison). They have a great lounge menu and excellent burgers. Food is so good.

      Bills Seafood in Westbrook for Casual seafood.

        1. re: brookerme

          Yessssssssss, I heartily second your recommendation! We almost ALWAYS hit Lenny & Joe's when we're in that neck of the woods. Here's a picture of their scallop roll to sweeten the pot for you:

        2. Id vote for Bills for cheap seafood - its on an inland waterway - sit outside!