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Aug 3, 2009 05:32 PM

Summer '09 Restaurant Week - plans and reviews

Thought it would be interesting so see what peoples plans, thoughts and information are for this season. So far, I have a made a lunch reservation at Rasika.

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  1. I made quite a few lunch reservations with the intention to keep at least two. I figure it's the best way to try as many places as possible on my student budget :-)

    I have PS 7's, Vidalia, Vermilion, and Zola.

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    1. re: emmaleeb

      > I made quite a few lunch reservations with the intention to keep at least two.

      Doesn't sound very considerate to your fellow diners.

      1. re: Hal Laurent

        Thank you for your judgment. I will most likely go to all of them. I don't think that canceling a reservation 2 weeks in advance is being rude. In fact it's probably fairly normal for RW.

      2. re: emmaleeb

        I cannot find any of the restaurants you named on the list?
        Am I only getting a partial list here? I'm looking on
        What am I missing?

        1. re: jerseygirldawn

          this topic is about DC's restaurant week

      3. I am going to Hook, Vermilion, and Volt! (Volt just got on the list I believe as they were not on the list when it first announced.)

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        1. re: xoxoamy

          AAARGH! That's a nice list, and I'm SO disappointed that VOLT joined late. That's really disappointing for me. We went there for Winter RW and it was AMAZING. The menu for Summer RW looks fantastic and when RW was announced they were the first spot I looked for, but no luck. So we settled, and I'm completely bummed.
          Enjoy your evening at VOLT - and if they are offering the course-by-course wine pairing, we highly recommend it.

          1. re: xoxoamy

            I'm also going to Volt and am totallly psyched about it. I reserved for Sunday the 30th. I think we will actually have the choice of a couple of menus --RW special and brunch menu as well. So looking forward to it.

            Would also be interested in hearing about your experience at Vermillion. I've heard it's very good. Enjoy!

            1. re: xoxoamy

              Volt for dinner on Tuesday for me. Glad to hear they did a good job in the winter, Sabine.

            2. Lunch at Equinox and hopefully a dinner at PS7 if we can get our ducks in a row. Looking forward to Equinox!

                1. re: littlew1ng

                  You'll love Prime Rib! It's such a great deal for RW. When I went I got the ceasar salad, prime rib (not a cut I usually enjoy but this is incredible....juicy and delicious) and the key lime pie (so far my favorite in the city). In addition they let you choose 1 or 2 sides.

                  I did a late lunch with my bf and the dining room was pretty empty. The waiter was excited that it was my first time dining there (my bf has been quite often) and gave us extra sides. He also thrilled us with some fun stories from past customers. Overall a nice experience.

                  1. re: maoj

                    Bastille is excellent. Have a great time, and let us know how you like Vermillion.