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Aug 3, 2009 05:22 PM

Whole Angus Sirloin Strip

Any recommendations on where to pick up a Whole Angus Strip in the north of Boston area?
Also, what would the approximate cost per lb be these days?

thanks hounds

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  1. Well in 24.5 hours, that didn't work. Let's try this......does anyone recommend a butcher (or supermarket) in the Boston/North area that may be able to fill my needs??

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    1. re: sinned61

      I'd ask, first of all, why angus? But since it's important to you, I'd suggest just about any supermarket. Try Shaws. Just be warned that the chance of a strip labeled and certified angus actually being even half angus are slim to none.

      1. re: almansa

        Well I say Angus because I bought one last November that I cut into steaks and sealed in Foodsaver bags, which were the BEST Sirlion Strips I have ever had.....just incredible. I have only ONE steak left....I paid 7.99 per lb.

        1. re: sinned61

          What almansa is getting at is the fact that the term angus is often largely meaningless.

          Folks probably didn't reply to your post because where to get good steaks has been covered ad infinitum of late.

          Surf the Boston chowhound board, there have been numerous recent threads about where to get good steaks. The frequent siting of Prime meats at Costco is probably a good place to start.

          1. re: StriperGuy

            Understood StriperGuy.
            I don't hold a Costco membership, and it's not worth having one to buy a whole sirloin strip IMO. If I was buying one per week, maybe.

            Sorry for asking what you deem as "obvious" questions. I surfed "steak" and came up with pages of irrelevent (to my question) drivel about "steak" tips, flank "steak", "steak" subs , restaurants serving "steak" etc.....
            I know where I can go and spend $16 to $18 per lb for exquisite sirloin strips (angus or not), but I was looking for the price point that I mentioned in my second note above.

            Next time I'll think twice before asking a question. To the others, thanks for your replies....

            1. re: sinned61

              Did not mean to be snarky, but the number of times folks ask where to by lobster, or steak, etc without even taking a look at the board is considerable. I was just explaining why noone replied, not criticising you.

              Here were two of the recent threads that mentioned good meats for small $:



              And, though somewhat controversial, sometimes you can find good meats at various Market Baskets or Hilltops supermarket on Route 1 in Saugus. I am sure either would sell you a whole strip. That said, quality with both can be a crap shoot.

              Seriously though, having read various threads on this topic over the past year, finding REALLY GOOD sirloin strips for $7.99 a pound, even in the current economy is not so easy.

              The hardcore carnivores on chowhound do seem to end up at Costco.

              John Dewar below will charge you $15 / pound easy. Probably more.

              This place also has great meat, but not at that price point:

              Fresh Pond Market
              358 Huron Ave
              Cambridge, MA 02138
              (617) 876-3916

              1. re: StriperGuy

                Thanks StriperGuy.....sorry for snapping at you......
                I just recalled that the Angus Strip I purchased was from the now defunct Atlantic Supermarket in Reading. And I got it when they were having thier store closing sale and got it for $5.99/lb I know I'll never see that quality at that price again. It may have been PRIME and just marked Angus, but let me tell you it was the finest piece of beef I've ever had in my home.

                FYI, the people who worked the Butcher shop at the Atlantic are opening a NEW Butcher shop right up the street from the former Atlantic! I'll report on it when it opens......Sept 1st or so from what I hear.

              2. re: sinned61

                I don't think the response was meant to be offensive. However having said that, I have had luck at the Mackinnon's Butcher shop and market in Everett. I don't recall that their sirloin strips were necessarily "Angus" although they do occasionally carry some Cetified Angus cuts. they are very helpful and will cut the meat to order if you prefer. their prices are usually one to two dollars a pond less than most supermarkets and they frequently have special. they also have a web site which can be foundby Google search and which usually list each week's sales.

                1. re: sinned61

                  You might want to look at something I just posted over on the General Topics board, sinned61, hopefully it will clarify just what Angus beef is or is not: