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Aug 3, 2009 04:43 PM

Greenville,SC Two Nights

Looking for moderate priced dinner rec's- in Woodruff Rd area and downtown/west side
prefer southern, Regional American, Good Bar food, etc
Smoke on Water menu looked good but no prices

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  1. We really like the American Grocery. Don't miss the pork belly app or entree.
    They use all local and regional ingredients. Very good. Sobys is a fun bar, crowded place. Food is OK for the price. Don't miss the cheese biscuits or the tomato app.

    1. I think Soby's on Main Str would be a good choice the go to Smoke on the Water. The prices are moderate

      1. Smoke on the Water is awful. Like if applebees had pork bbq.

        i agree w/ American Grocery if you don't mind the price. Stellar wine bar for good bar food. Blockhouse on Augusta Rd. for a VERY good rare burger, but no atmosphere and nothing else worth eating (it's a bar).

        I hear good things about Smiley's Acoustic Cafe. I'd love to hear reviews if anyone has been recently.

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          I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I had a side question for Danna or anyone else that can offer their opinion.

          Have you been to Five and Ten in Athens? We were a bit let down after trying it last week. All of our American Grocery experiences have out-shown our dinner at Five and Ten. I mean, nothing we ordered was actually bad, but we just weren't blown away like we have been with dishes at AGR. I'd like to give them another try if we're Athens, but I was also curious for opinions from those that have eaten at both?

        2. No sugestions for Woodrufff area?

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            Azia (Woodruff Rd.) is wonderful, but is expensive and Asian-influenced. So is Saffron's, but that's Indian cuisine.

            I've heard good things about Napoli on Woodruff Rd. but haven't tried it. (inexpensive Italian)

            And this last tip is in between downtown and Woodruff Rd. Again, I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to soon. Yard Bird Cafe, near the corner of Laurens and Pleasantburg, serves soul food. Everything is supposedly very fresh and no pork fat is used in their cooking. Sounds promising.

            1. re: mustardgirl

              Doc Chey is a decent pan-asian regional chain. Not great...decent. (the one in Asheville is better) I like the fried calamari that is usually an app special. i like the pizza next door at Whole Foods VERY much

              1. re: mustardgirl

                We tried "Chicken Noodles" on Woodruff the other day for lunch..great homemade cream of mushroom soup. It is sort of like a Souper Salad if you have ever been to that but the salad bar is not huge but everything was fresh and I mean fresh cut, fresh veggies, etc. The soups (and there were 5 or 6 different ones) were all least the ones I tried. I had a coupon and paid $4.99 for all I could eat. Even without a coupon (which you can get on line) the prices are good. They offer a sandwich.,..forget the name but it is 3 pounds of meat, cheese, toppings, etc. and if you can eat the entire thing in less then 30 is free and you get your name on the board!!!

                As far as anything else on Woodruff, I would suggest Flat Rock Grill...the crab meat blackened stuffed grouper is very good and the she crab soup is not bad either.
                Oh...if you want some interesting pizza, we went to Happy Pie the other week and it was very run and a nice atmosphere. Nothing fancy but we got the pizza called messy pie, think that was it. Fresh mozzarella and fresh basil, sauce, etc. It was very good, I liked the crust too and it was messy! Prices are not bad either and they deliver.
                Those are a few suggestions for not too fancy stuff.
                Let us know what you find!!!

                1. re: ps1

                  Chicken Noodles seems really good(see their website)
                  Is Flat Rock Grille a chain?
                  Thanks for your very detailed reply

                  1. re: mustardgirl

                    Yes, Flat Rock Grille is a chain. Not bashing, but I wouldn't go there. Prices don't really justify what you get.
                    Napoli is great. Little Italian/Greek place down near the Five Forks end of Woodruff; the Olympian is same kind of food and actually the same area too.
                    Travinia (Italian) on Woodruff has a nice bar area/scene. We also love Boston Pizzeria (for the pizza) or Henry's Smokehouse for BBQ (more laidback/takeout)