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Aug 3, 2009 04:26 PM

Places for Chicago staples that also serve vegan

I'll be in Chicago this weekend to visit my girlfriend. I'm looking for a good place to eat dinner, any price range that also has a vegan selection. I'd like to try out some food that's done best in Chicago. I'm from Boston, so you'll be hard-pressed to find Italian or Seafood that will impress me. I'm willing to try all styles of cuisines as long as it tastes good.


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  1. Check out the link below for a recent discussion of vegetarian options in Chicago. Many of the places listed in my post have vegan options, including the Handlebar, Chicago Diner, and the Green Zebra.

    1. You can try the Curry Hut in Highwood, IL.
      Find Indian Cuisine with many vegetarian and meat dishes.
      A quiet secluded dining area near Fort Sheridan.

      Curry Hut
      410 Sheridan Rd Ste 1, Highwood, IL 60040