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Aug 3, 2009 04:21 PM

Wedding @ The Great Hall -- Experiences with OTM Catering

My fiancee and I are beginning to look for wedding venues for next May.

We like the look of The Great Hall on Queen West, in Toronto, and were wondering if any fellow chowhounders have had any experience with their caterers, On The Move (OTM)?

It appears as though they have a pretty extensive offering for food, and we're hoping to get a portuguese-style seafood buffet as part of our package after the main dinner service (i.e. midnight buffet).

ALSO: I'm more than willing to accept suggestions for alternative venues you've had good experiences with (traditional banquet halls or otherwise) -- looking for a 150-175 head-count, Toronto Center / West / Mississauga, Italian-style main with aforementioned seafood buffet.

Many thanks.

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  1. went to a wedding there and their caterer for that event (10tation) was FREAKIN' AWESOME.

    talked to someone who had their wedding their, and they said 10tation was kickass as well.

    Since 10tation is one of the many of approved Great Hall caterer, you should see what they have to offer for your needs. Congrats and good luck!

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    1. re: c_snapper

      Is 10tation still approved? When I go to the website for the venue ( I see only references to "On the Move". Does anyone know what they're like? I'd call the hall, but I hate mentioning wedding on the phone before I know exactly what I'm dealing with -- I fear those on the other end of the line only hear ka-ching.

      1. re: EatWellOrDie

        The Great Hall is exclusive to On the Move now. Don't know if On the Move owns it or signed contract but same end result. Sorry don't know anything about them.

        1. re: tempranillo44

          Was looking into this venue as well, although I'm not too happy with their $36 per person for alcoholic beverages.

          Anybody have any experiences with On The Move catering?