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Aug 3, 2009 03:23 PM

Dinner pre-theatre for 10 People - NYC? Something delicious! Near West 44th Street

We are going out with 10 maybe 11 people in September and want to eat somewhere wonderful. NO Pizza - please. Italian, Mexican, Japanese, French etc...
We would have to be in an out before the show starts so something close to West 44th is ideal. But we can walk...

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    1. I've loved Carmine's every time I've gone. It's family style Italian, so it's perfect for groups. You might hear some people comment that it's a bit of a tourist trap, which is sort of true. But anything in that area is going to cater to tourists. Regardless, the atmosphere is lively and the food is great.

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        I disagree with the Carmines rec. Not every restaurant in the theater district is a tourist trap by any means (see RGR's recs below of which Marseille is my favorite) and I have found the food at Carmines to be of mall-quality. I would avoid.

        1. re: douglas525

          Ugh to Carmine's, yes it is a mall restaurant and tourist trap and, no the same does not go for everything else in the theater district. My personal favorite is Kellari Taverna: decidedly un-touristy, just east of all the hustle-bustle but still convenient, fab and reasonable pre-fixe menu.

          1. re: City Kid

            I said everything in the area caters to tourists...not a tourist trap. The tourist trap comment was meant solely for Carmine's. Anyway, I was trying to get Miranda as close as possible to her theater on 44th Street in the Theater District, which is exactly where Carmine's is. And you're right about other restaurants outside what I consider the immediate Broadway area--not nearly so touristy. I'm still going to stand by my food rec though.

        2. I would suggest the following;

          West Bank Cafe, on 42nd, b/t 9th & 10th -

          Marseille, on the corner of 9th & 44th -

          Trattoria Trecolori, on 47th, b/t B'way & 8th -

          Kellari Taverna, on 44th, b/t 5th & 6th -

          dbBistro Moderne, on 44th, b/t 5th & 6th -

            1. Puttanesca is good fora large group; the menu is large and reasonable. Just call ahead and reserve!