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Aug 3, 2009 03:22 PM

wildwood grill & brew pub

Coming to Calgary - read the older recos and couldn't find anything on Wildwood.
Anyone been that can share some thoughts?

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  1. The beer is decent - a step above brewster's for a micro-brew. The main attraction here imo.

    The service wavers between mediocre and bad. Even though I am a very non confrontational person, preferring to snipe online afterwards, I begged my mate to speak to the manager for me on one occasion.

    The food will make a turd. They have changed the menu since the last (ever) time I ate there. Depending on your standards you might find it great, or you might see it as a more carnivorous Earl's. I am in the latter group. The servings were extra big, the sauces were not that good, and the presentation was sloppy.


    1. I ate there in the Spring (March 2009). It was fine. I had no major complaints. The bison short ribs were good. Service was mediocre. The waitress didn't come back after we got our food and we had flag her down for our bill. We had wanted to eat in the Brewpub but strangely it is was closed on a Sat. afternoon, so we ended up in the restaurant. It's ok but I think you can find better in Calgary.

      1. I stopped in the pub downstairs last summer for a pint with an old friend. Service was not present anywhere. There wasn't even a bartender to order from and it turns out the whole (rather busy) bar was being serviced by one very stressed out yet apologetic server. I felt pretty bad for her, but our experience had been irreversibly soured. I wouldn't consider going to the pub again.

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          I just ate there the other day and enjoyed it. We arrived about 5 minutes before they closed for lunch but no problem getting in.
          We sat on the patio and my two dining companions both ordered the fried Haddock and Chips and they loved it, the batter was the thin crispy style and the Haddock was nice and moist.
          I asked our server what he recommended between the Beef and Pork burgers and he just looked at me and said "when Pork is an option is there any question?" A man after my own heart!
          The burger was very tasty and juicy although the bun was a bit too large for the size of the patty. Still worked for me though.
          I went with the Pale Ale which was a bit more citrusy than I usually like but it was perfect for a hot day on the patio.
          Service was fine and friendly but then again there were only three tables.

          1. re: peter.v

            This echoed my experience a great deal, except that there was a single bartender instead of a single server. He was rude and aggressive, not apologetic. I was stopping to get refills on beer, which he was reluctant to do on a Saturday afternoon because, "we don't do that on Saturdays." This notwithstanding that it was empty aside from him and my group. He then proceeded to not rinse the bottles before refilling (normally they are exchanged and the old ones put through a bottle washer), and overcharge for the beer while being the surly the whole time. If you don't do it on Saturdays even when it's dead, fine, but don't do it then be a jerk about it.

            I concur with TSAW about the bison short ribs - they were the best thing I tasted.

            1. re: itwillmakeaturd

              Yeah, the service (especially in the pub) has been piss-poor for the last couple of years. Shame that. Two years ago it was tough to find decent staff, but there's not a lot of excuse now.

          2. Wasn't sure by your posting if you were interested in the pub or the dining room. I find the pub to be good value, as Calgary goes. And the food in the dining room is as good as ever. It is one of my fave spots.

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            1. re: sarah galvin

              I called Wildwood on Friday to inquire if they will be open for lunch on Decmeber 24th and the person I spoke with told me the restuarant/pub will be closing on Dec 20th. Sad to see this place go as it was my "go to" place to take out-of -town friends and family. RIP Wildwood.

              1. re: DeeDub

                At that location. They'll be reopening somewhere else, at last that was the story in JG's column.

                1. re: John Manzo

                  Staff say they are trying to open somewhere else but have no location. I head it was the Mercato people going in to that spot. Can that be true? Back 7 years ago I loved the pub, but it did go downhill with time.