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Aug 3, 2009 03:09 PM

LARGE portion sizes and healthy?

I'm looking for a place (preferably North-ish) where I can get some healthy ethnic grub in a very large portion size. I'm on a particular diet and basically, going out is expensive. I need like 3 entrees. I was wondering if there was a little mom and pop like place where I can get huge steaming bowels of beans and rice or stewed vegetables or chicken etc.... Does this ring any bells?

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  1. Not really North side, but Reza's always had pretty large portions -- especially considering how many sides they give you -- for a cheap price. The vegetarian platter is the size of a bus tire.

    1. Huge steaming bowls of food are not healthy, period. If you're looking to eat healthy, you need to eat a wide variety of sensibly-portioned foods throughout the day. Gorging is never good.

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        I think zatoichison was looking to split entrees into multiple meals, not eat it all at once...

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          I respectfully disagree. I am glad you are concerned though. Though simply "just eating large portion sizes" is a gross oversimplification I have been on The Warrior Diet for about 3+ years now and I haven't looked back. Actually, I am looking to eat it all at once. LOL. Sorry guys.

        2. No, I want one big meal. I'm on a special diet. Thanks for the concern pikawicca but I respectfully disagree with you. I'll take the large meal you can eat all you want.

          1. I am not on a 'special diet' but am a very healthy eater and Ironman triathlete so large and healthy meals are what I look for as well when I eat out. Maybe not the exact type of place you are looking for but at Chipotle you can get burrito bowls without the tortilla and get them in very large portions with rice, beans, avocado, corn and salsa- very healthy if you stay away from sour cream, cheese and some of their greasy meat. I also like to go to the salad bar at Whole Foods, can get as much as you want and a ton of good options but price can really add up for a salad. M. Henry in Andersonville has brown rice, steamed veggie bowls and I always love sushi and if you go to Sushi X in Andersonville you can get big bowls of fish, veggies and brown rice. I know there's more but just can't think of off the top of my head.

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              Kramers grocery is good. I ate there for the first time a few weeks ago, it's downtown. They have a small cafe upstairs and I thought the portions were good sizes and well priced especially if you pick whatever is the daily special. Also have you had Ethiopian? Ras Dashen is great, very health, portions are well sized and you can mix and match stuff. Also not sure what your special diet is but FYI the bread/crepe they serve their food on is gluten free.