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Aug 3, 2009 02:57 PM

Sushi in Syosset / Woodbury / Plainview

just moved to the area and looking for a good sushi place. Been to Nisen and looking for same or better quality at a more affordable price.

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  1. Kumo in Plainview next door to Fairway is my favorite sushi place. Prices are good, food is great. Good looking interior. Lots of good stuff on the menu but i highly recommend the Eggplant sandwich on the appetizer menu.

    1. Tsubo, right in town in Syosset, has great sushi. It's been there forever & is very affordable.

      1. Also try Ruby Sushi in Plainview. And I agree with the post about Kumo.

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        1. re: valmar

          as someone who likes Kumo, do u like Ruby more or less? Its on my mental list of places to get to.

          1. re: jpf1980

            I think the sushi is good at both Ruby and Kumo, but Ruby has some interesting appetizers and rolls that I really like. It also tends to be a bit more relaxed - less crowded and noisy.

            1. re: valmar

              sounds good, i will def give it a try. I've wanted to since i so something from newsday about it.

              1. re: jpf1980

                Tried Ruby tonight. I haven't actually had Sushi for a few months now(could be the longest gap in like 5+ years) and was in the mood for rolls. I split 6 rolls with my wife. Thought some of them were pretty good, others were just ok. Its like they were all missing something, but i couldn't tell you what. I don't think I would go back.. Also, not sure where i read about this, either on chowhound or somewhere else, but the staff definitely does try to convince you to order things, and suggest items that are supposedly "fresh". We didn't take any of the suggestions. If i'm in plainview and want sushi i would be going back to Kumo.