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Aug 3, 2009 02:44 PM

Portuguese restaurant near PATH train in Newark for birthday dinner

I need to find a Portuguese restaurant in Newark for a small group dinner to celebrate a birthday. Everyone will be going by PATH or NJ transit train, so the restaurant has to be in walking distance from the train station. I understand that there is an area with a number of Portuguese restaurants there, but I do not know what the neighborhood is called. Suggestions?

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  1. The section of Newark you need to search for recommendations in known as the Ironbound section and Ferry Street. The most recommended places are:

    Adega Grill
    Casa Vasca
    Sebra's Marisquiera

    I would say the above are all good choices and the following below considered to be second tier places:

    Fernandes 2
    Iberia Pennisula
    Don Pepe
    Don Manuel

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      Would agree with most of the above (except for Adega Grill). If closeness to the train is primary, then you might try Sagres, on Prospect, just off Ferry St. They also have some sidewalk tables if you want to eat outdoors. Otherwise, if you can walk a mile or so I'd say Sol Mar (further down Ferry) or Coimbra (off the beaten path on Market).

    2. Wow, and I was going to say that I totally agree with that list--except for Forno's! I guess we all have our preferences.
      Casa Vasca is definitely a great choice, but a bit more of a walk than the others. I'd recommend Adega Grill, esp because they have a room in the back where they put larger groups (sometimes multiple larger groups). They also offer group dinners, but again it depends on the size of your party. I held many dinner meetings for 20-40 people in that room when I worked in Newark, and everyone always raved about the place afterwards.
      Seabra's Marisquiera is less atmosphere but also excellent food, and both are about 6 blocks straight down Ferry St from behind Penn Station (and a perfectly safe walk).
      If you have anyone driving, there's a big parking lot that serves both of the above restaurants; you park, they give you a ticket for the restaurant where you're going, and the restaurant will stamp the ticket for you.

      1. I almost hate to even post this, but Sol Mar is the absolute best. It's about a 15 minute walk from Newark's Penn Station. I have my birthday party here every year, and eat in here whenever I can. There are also a few wonderful restaurants in the direct vicinity of this one, but Sol mar is the best. The variety of food is unbelievable...on any given day you can find about a dozen varieties of extremely fresh fish, prepared in the most tasteful and original manner, and if you are a fan of 'bacalao', you will find about three varieties of this alone. The steaks are to die for, and the service is amazingly friendly. Every day Sol Mar has a number of lunch specials, almost none of which are over 15$, and includes such dishes as rooster. The flaming sausage is very popular here. Needless to say, this restaurant is frequented by mostly local people. You have your choice of eating either on the outside patio, at or adjacent to the bar, where world soccer is always on, or in the dining room in the back. I have eaten in some of the others, but this is the best by far. I would avoid Forno's and Iberia, as these are closer to Penn Station and mostly tourist traps, but Sol mar is in my opinion the best restaurant in the entire Tri-State area (which includes Manhattan...there is absolutely nothing comparable to this in Manhattan). If you are looking for the rodizio, try someplace else.