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Aug 3, 2009 01:59 PM

Tried El Zarape on Adams Avenue?

Anyone tried the relatively new El Zarape restaurant in San Diego on Adams? Is it affiliated with the takeout on Park Boulevardof the sma name?

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  1. Yes, it is owned by the same family. It's quite a different scene than the original. When I went the week it opened, the menu was focused on entrees (rather than tacos, burritos a la carte) making it a more expensive option.

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        I (like normalheightsfoodie) was also there on opening night, In total violation of my restaurant golden rule (never try a new restaurant until they have been up and running at least three weeks). NHF is not kidding about them being slammed. I was with a group of foodies and I think we ordered a bit ambitiously for an opening night, so I think it's unfair to really judge based on that one experience. As I said, same family ownership - so they have the "chops" if you will. Will have to go back now that the dust has settled.

    1. We went on the opening night, they were slammed. We had all been waiting for a year for them to open. They have a compleatly differnet menu then their take out resteraunt on Park. I had their mole ($14) and I was pleased at how good it was. My wife enjoyed the enchiladas suizas($11.) My son had rolled tacos. They have a nice childrens menu at $5. They also have a complete bar.

      I would recommend it.

      1. Adams is a long avenue, cross street please?

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          It's in Normal Heights near the 805. Maybe 32nd?