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Aug 3, 2009 01:42 PM

Henry's Hat - we'll be back!

After a hike around the Hollywood Reservoir we decided to have brunch at Henry's Hat on Cahuenga. We were warmly greeted by the owner, a cute blond who told us the scoop -- you order and pay for everything at the bar, the food is from local vendors and organic when possible. We decided to sit at the bar, surrounded by TV's showing baseball and golf. We ordered bottomless Mimosa's, Pulled Pork Hash and Fish & Chips. The Fish & Chips came, but they brought the Pulled Pork Sandwich instead. We told them we ordered the Hash and they quickly apologized and said they would bring it out soon. While we feasted on the yummy Fish & Chips (really crispy and served with a fantastic tarter sauce) they brought us a complimentry green salad, which was delicious. Really fresh and light lemony dressing. The Pull Pork Hash came soon after, and was delicious - served with perfectly cooked poached eggs.

In addition to the great food, awesome service and plethero of sports, they also have tons of different board games you can play - Battleship, Scrabble, Boggle and even Girl talk!! Plus Wii...all for free. All-in-all, itt was a fun afternoon and we ill definitely be back.

3413 Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90068

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  1. I was just there on Saturday night. to meet friends who live around the corner. The "cute blonde" is an actress, who I believe was a reg. on Days of our Lives. Poor gal spends her nights looking at Staples catalogues these days. She is quite beautiful. Anyway, it was exceedingly quiet when I was there, but my firiends said the place rocks most nights and is their fav new neighborhood hang. Their margaritas are strong and good.

      1. I love, love, love this place. Was visiting from Eastern Canada and tried many spots while in town and this one was our fav. Spent the last two nights there for supper, so good. We tried the fries with three sauces, pepperoni pizza, pulled pork sandwich, falafel wrap, mac 'n cheese, black 'n blue burger...Drinks were: Peach Breeze, Mojito, Mai Tai...All were incrediblly memorable and very reasonably priced. Monday 5pm-7pm is happy hour and a great deal. Making me wish I lived here or not since we would both be 400 lbs if we did! Enjoy.

        1. You know, I thought I loved Henry's Hat until I went there last night. I'd been a few times before (since I love Luna Park, its sister restaurant), and it was usually pretty empty. Recently they added table service, I assume because even when it was empty, ordering everything at the bar was a challenge.

          Last night it was packed, and I was happy to see them doing good business. But we had the most abysmal service ever - from a cute blonde who was so adept at avoiding eye contact (and ignoring as I would say "excuse me" or try to flag her down when she was at a nearby table). A few times I got up to get ketchup or another glass of wine directly from the bar because it wasn't worth the effort to get her attention. All items that we tried to modify at all came out wrong (peach cobbler w/o the ice cream due to an allergy came out with ice cream, medium well burger was literally bloody), which was hard to remedy without a server. And when the time game to get the check, we waited 10 minutes before we realized she was sitting at a table outside and just got that from the bar too. (I have nothing against anyone taking a break, but for goodness sakes, someone else should cover the table.) When I told the bartender I thought our server was on a break, she said, "oh no, that's the owner." I was aghast. I can't imagine an owner would care so little about offering decent service.

          Honestly, the whole experience was very upsetting. If I had an off night and it was because of a waitress who didn't care much or someone in the kitchen who wasn't paying close attention, I'd happily forgive (it's hard to find good help, as they say). But having such a lousy experience with the owner really makes me reluctant to send any of my dining dollars in her direction.

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            We had dinner there a few weeks go, it was a great night. Totally chill place, nice people. Food was so-so but I'd go drink there for sure.