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Aug 3, 2009 01:39 PM

BBQ near-disaster!

This weekend, a bunch of buddies and I were hanging out and decided that we would head back to my place for a BBQ. On the way home, a couple of us stopped at Longos to pick up the stuff to BBQ. My buddy, who was paying, thought that the frozen 6-ounce "Angus Burgers" would be great, along with some of their Italian sausages. Along with the buns, we also got one package of "thintini" (or whatever they're called, those thinnish, pita-like burger bun alternatives). Let me dispense with those first: they were dense and despite their thin profile, did more to overwhelm a burger than regular buns. Frankly, a Wonder bread bun would have been better.

The "Angus Burgers" were atrocious. Had I seen the "Cardinal" name on them when my buddy was picking them up, I would have steered him clear of them. They were down-right awful: No meat flavour, just the fatty, greasy garbage foisted on many a burger-joint patron, only larger. Over half of these burgers that we cooked were not even finished. They made PC Thick and Juicy seem like gourmet burgers.

A pleasant surprise was the Italian sausages. We had sweet, hot and jerk-seasoned sausages and all went very quickly. My only complaint would be the usual problems with tough bits of gristle or bone pieces that one occasionally finds, but their flavour was quite good.

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  1. Don't buy frozen--ever. It's not like reasonable quality ground beef is scarce. Buns? Most Italian or Portuguese bakeries carry good to excellent burger and dog/sausage buns. On sausage, go for a better grade from a decent butcher; these are usually free of obnoxious, unidentifiable bits and seldom cost substantially more than the supermarket jobs. You'll be happier(and gain "face") if you scope out your sources for next time.

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      Longo's also sells fresh patties, but as I said, he was buying, so the egg is on his face, not mine.

      As for buns, my own personal favorite is a toasted English Muffin, unbuttered, of course. I wouldn't mind figuring out where I can get a smaller version of the flat bun used at Royal Meats Barbecue.

    2. Ah, the old Angus Burger shim sham. Once again I must point out that if you see "Angus" anywhere on it, don't bother.

      I also wouldn't say never buy frozen burgers. There are some that are very serviceable. My personal choice would be the Kirkland brand 100% sirloin. You need to season them before grilling though as they have none inside.


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      1. re: Davwud

        Kirkland means Costco, which I can't get since I'm not a member.

        I agree with you Davwud, on not eschewing frozen burgers. This group would have been quite happy with any of several of the PC (or the Sobey's equivalent). They are quite serviceable, and Fulton whatever Burger gets away with charging something in the neighborhood of $7 for something that is identical.

        1. re: OTFOODIE

          I haven't bought them in a while but it's either PC or Master's Choice Sirloin burgers with steak seasoning on them were pretty good.


          1. re: Davwud

            The "Sirloin", "Prime Rib" and "Angus" all are quite fine, but I don't see that they are worth the extra price over the basic Thick & Juicy. I can season them myself.