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Aug 3, 2009 01:31 PM

Solheim Cup--Golf and Good Food

Heading to the Solheim Cup in Sugar Grove (far western suburbs) in two weeks and need great dinner spots--good food most important. Great setting, optional.

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  1. You won't find it around Sugar Grove, I worked there for many years and I am a volunteer for the Solheim Cup. All the official Solheim literature I have seen directs everyone towards Naperville for dining and lodging, 20 miles to the East. For good food and great setting I recommend Walter Payton's Roundhouse in downtown Aurora or Meson Sebeka in Naperville which has a beautiful outdoor patio, both are on the Solheim rec'd list and are local favorites. Rich Harvest Farms is a beautiful setting but inspite of the blossom of cookie cutter homes, this is still pretty much farm country.

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      Top notch dining spot in Naperville is Sugar Toad in the Arista Hotel (north side of I-88, east side of Route 59). Classy decor inside, outstanding food. American food with a Louisiana touch. We like the fact that everything on any plate has its own superb flavor. Too often, items accompanying a main course are not very interesting, but at Sugar Toad, they are.
      Do you have any specific cuisine in mind?

      1. re: CJT

        No particular cuisine. Just great food in a comfortable setting.

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          If you like tapas, Macarena Tapas is worth a visit. Located at the southeast corner of Route 59 and Aurora Ave (which, on the west side of Route 59 becomes New York St. in Aurora). Meson Sabika, another tapas place in Naperville, is about 2 miles east of Route 59, also on (north side of) Aurora Ave., a short distance east of the Naperville Police/Fire Dept complex.

          North of New York Ave on Route 59 is Keywester for seafood and steaks. A different environment you might consider is Sweet Tomatoes on the Aurora side of 59 just north of Jefferson St. -- much more casual, but lots of good salads. at least 6 varieties of great soups, plus foccaccia, dessert and more in self-serve mode. Makes a great lunch or dinner if you like soups and salads.

          1. re: awaxdirect

            That's why I recc'd Walter Payton's Roundhouse in my post above. Very unique setting in a restored Burlington Northern Railroad roundhouse that was originally built in 1856. Besides the multi-level dining room, they have a nice patio, a bar built in 1893, a micro brewery and a nice little museum honoring Walter Payton who initiated the restoration of the Roundhouse in 1995 and was active in it's operation until his death. The food is pretty good too!