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Aug 3, 2009 12:55 PM

best built-in refrigerator. Any contenders for the Sub-Zero throne?

Great info on appliances here - thank you for all of the great insight so far.

We're doing an open format kitchen and are attempting to integrate as much as possible to look like furniture. So facades for the dishwasher and refrigerator for example.

I've heard mixed things about both the frequency of, and cost of Sub-Zero repairs. Yet our cabinet makers/kitchen designers say Subs are the most seamless to integrate designwise.

Consumer Reports rates a Jenn-Air pretty highly, but the cost is equivalent to the Sub.

We've also heard okay things about Liebherr and Miele.


We are going for a 36" with side-by-side doors.


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  1. Research SubZero carefully. I have a family friend who has owned a fancy large subzero for nearly 20 years and though she's kept it she's had lots of problems over the years, even the early ones, and advised me to never get one. Of course technology and reliability changes alot over time so they may be your best choice. Good luck!

    1. Take a look at Lieibherr at We're going to get a free-standing Liebherr if our Amana dies before we do.

      1. edgrimley, Miele is more than "okay." SubZero does not fare well in the forums here: >