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Aug 3, 2009 12:39 PM

what do people like to drink while on a beach vaca?

Hi going to nags head NC for a week. not a big drinker, but when i do, I usually drink whiskey. However whiskey and the heat do not sound apealing. what do people sugest as a good drink for the beach?

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  1. For some reason, we always wind up drinking Red Eyes on the beach. We bring a cooler of freezing cold beer and a bottle of low sodium V8. Pour a can of beer into a large mug, add about a 1/3 of a cup of juice. Squeeze of lime, some ice. It sounds nasty and I really don't think I've ever had one when I wasn't at the beach, but for some reason it works. My b-i-l from Iowa introduced them to us a few years back. Have fun in Nags Head. We'll be in Holden!

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      The basis for the Michelada, basically a bloody mary made with beer instead of a vodka. It does sound rather disgusting but it is very good.

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        i like bloody marys and i like beer. I think I will try it. do you have a beer that you recomend for it?

    2. most drinks with some soda water are pretty refreshing. I don't really know what level of drinks you want on a beach and how much work you're willing to do beyond pop and pour while you're out there.

      1. If you fill a cooler with bottles of seltzer, and bring a bottle of Plymouth Gin you should be happy all day. It doesn't take a lot of Plymouth to give great flavor and is soooo refreshing. A little lime garnish is optional. Just mix to your desired effect. Have fun.

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          thanks everbody, these are all good. just looking for something refreshing to have on the beach, and after a day on the beach at the rental.

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            At the beach, listen to the suggestions here. After the beach, you've already said it: whiskey. It might not be great for the sun, but there is certainly nothing wrong with sipping it as the evening wears on.

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              good point. so maybe whiskey in the evening. Gin, and beer on the beach. The only mixing of beer I have ever done is a balck and tan. so I am curious to try the chilada and the red eyes. thanks to everyone for your help. looking fwd. to a relaxing vaca.

          2. re: phantomdoc

            Definitely Gin. It's been my Nags Head imbibement for years. It goes with the ocean and the air. (and, Yes, I know that's not a real word.)

          3. I look to see if there's an interesting, locally made beer.

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              Agreed. Like when in the Riviera Maya, I drink Leon because it's local (from Merida), not to mention that it's the best beach beer in the world. YMMV.

            2. I like a chilada at the beach. The set up is a tall glass with ice, lime juice, salted rim, fill with beer.