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Aug 3, 2009 12:03 PM

Kosher In Orlando

My wife and I are heading down to Orlando next week and wanted to see if there was anything new kosherwise. We've been to Ole Gourmet many times, and will probably try Kosher Culinary this time as well. I know of Lower East Side (which has gotten mixed reviews hashgacha wise and food wise) and the kosher meals at Disney. Any newer options or other thoughts?

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  1. Check out

    Was there in Jan, Kosher Culinary was a big disappointment.

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    1. re: MartyB

      Thanks - had seen the thread but wanted to see if there was something new. My wife and I will try Kosher Culinary since we don't want to live at Ole Gourmet. Have you been to the milichig or fleishig place in Ormond Beach?

      1. re: dfsny613

        The Ormond Beach place is great

        1. re: moule

          Indeed it is. My wife and I ate there a bunch when we were down in October and November. Only problem is that it is an hr each way.

    2. Did anybody find anything Kosher to buy at Universal Orlando (Universal Studios and/or Islands of Adventure) - fresh / packaged / snacks?

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      1. re: bay1

        My wife and I did Universal and really ate nothing other than cokes, and did not see much to eat (though there may have been junk like candbars and whatnot that we missed). However, Kosher Culinary is only about a 5 minute drive away (straight down Universal Blvd) and you can go in and out of the park (including parking) all day.

        1. re: dfsny613

          We had a great experience at Kosher Culinary over Chol Hamoed. The steaks ($29) were delicious, as well as the steak & chicken sandwiches & fries.
          At Universal, we feasted on MM Ice cream sandwiches.

          1. re: bay1

            Glad you liked them. The one time we ate there the food was good, but very expensive and the ambience left a lot to be desired. Also, their website indicated they were open for lunch and when we went there the first time we found out they only opened for dinner.

      2. Cohen's Deli in Clermont is opening soon - Also I recently used lower east side for catering and did not have any problems food wise.

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        1. re: cherylp3

          Do you have more info about the new deli - my wife and I are going back for Thanksgiving weekend.

          1. re: dfsny613

            Yes I do. Website is:
            supervision is Rabbi Yosef Konikov - they are listed under restaurant list as well.

            1. re: cherylp3

              Try this link for Cohen's Deli instead: They have a restaurant and butcher shop and meals to go. They are certified by Chabad and are close to Disney. Don't bother driving all the way north to Ole Gourmet or Amira's since they are both closed.

              1. re: flcedar

                Thanks. We went in August when Cohens was not open yet and Ole was still Kosher. When we went back in November Cohens was unfortunately closed the day we needed them to be open - the Friday after Thanksgiving. Instead, my wife and I went to the kosher places in Ormond Beach where the food was great and we got good takeout for shabbos.
                We never went to Amira's because the hashgacha was not what we consider good (even though when it was open it was 5 minutes from my in-laws). Ole Gourmet was great because it was 10 minutes away from my in-laws and the food was terrific. Still annoyed that they closed.

                1. re: dfsny613

                  Next time you're at your in-laws there is Kosher on Wheels that delivers to the Maitland JCC on Wednesdays between 3pm and 4pm. He parks in the lot near the tennis courts and has freezers full of kosher meat from South Florida as well as groceries. No meals, though. He is a Chabad guy from the Ormond Beach area and drives the state. He also sets up at Chabad on Lake Howell Road on Wednesdays, I believe from 5-6pm. Or, you can email Justin at Cohen's deli and he delivers to the Maitland JCC sometime on Friday afternoons. My sister emailed him Thursday night and he brought meat, chopped liver and a sandwich, too.

                  1. re: flcedar

                    unfortunately that has been discontinued

                    1. re: moule

                      There are options for delivery and pick up in the Maitland area.
                      1] Justin from Cohens Deli delivers meat to the JCC in Maitland
                      ( you need to order in advance)

                      2] You can order with Joel's in Tampa and they will pick up at Ohev Shalom

        2. The kosher options in the parks was actually totally adequate for at least the one meal a day we ate them. we had some kind of corned beef sandwich, chicken nuggets, burger. Each had tater tot type potatoes on the side. Totally edible and filling, if a bit expensive. But not unexpected considering the convenience of getting it heated up for us in the parks.

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          1. re: meems

            Was this in Disney or Universal?It sounds like Disney's menu.I'm interested in knowing if Universal has kosher food in the park.

            1. re: momrn

              Not in Universal. Just the three main Disney parks. I don't remember much of anything kosher in Universal.

              1. re: meems

                People often do not realize that there is more than parks in Orlando. My son goes to UCF (University of Central Florida) and they had a kosher stand in the students food court. It lasted kosher for probably not even a semester... So thanks to Rabbi Lipsker the students can have a great kosher meal at least every Shabbos and Yom Tov. If you are visiting Orlando, consider joining the students for a Shabbat dinner and hopefully suppport the Chabad House there.

                1. re: Jewishprprincess

                  Based on the online reviews, this appears to be a man who sells you food in his apartment... Strange.

                  1. re: joe1212

                    It's not *that* strange. In smaller Jewish communities where Kosher restaurants aren't really an option plenty of people will host travelers for a Kosher meal or two in their homes.

                    When I was younger I was hosted in plenty of homes for a meal when I traveled by Jews I had never met before

                    My parents used to be listed in various Jewish travel guides as a resource for Kosher meals for travelers. There weren't any Kosher restaurants in the state we lived in at the time. (Just as there aren't any in the state I live in now.)

                    These days Chabad has taken over a lot of this. Some places they host people for Kosher meals in their home without charging, although a donation to the Chabad house if you can is a polite thing to do. In other places today they will actually have a menu where travellers can buy meals but the food is probably cooked by the Rebetzin in their kitchen. Or you can have something closer to a kosher restaurant like in Nashville. I drove through there a few months ago and had a very nice meal in the Chabad House.

                    However there are still places like this also in Harrisburg where she sells kosher food in her dining room. I've eaten a very nice meal there too.

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