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Aug 3, 2009 11:53 AM

New York to Atlanta

Driving child to Emory in Atlanta. Looking for good places to:
1/ eat on the road
2/ near Emory

Our route is : NY Carlisle, PA, to Charlotte, to Atlanta,;
leisurely drive back through charleston (downtown) and open to stops along way to nyc.

We love,
1/crabs,oysters and other seafood
2/ barbecue;
3/southern food.

Not really looking for ethnic food as there is plenty in nyc. Looking for meals one can't get in NYC.
Hole in wall is good. Avoiding touristy places.

Thanks all!

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  1. Once you get to Atlanta, Fox Bros. BBQ is one of the best in town and close to Emory.
    It is very very good!
    Hope you have a great trip!

    1. If you come down I-77, then near the intersection with I-40 is a place called Keaton's BBQ. Despite the name, the signature dish is a type of bbq chicken that is fried and dipped in a vinegar bbq sauce. Its a true "chicken shack" out in the woods, though not far from the interstate. Pay extra attention to the days and hours of operation.

      Excellent NC 'q can be found in Shelby, NC, about a 30 minute detour off of I-85 south of Charlotte. Bridges BBQ Lodge.

      Further down I-85 is a bbq place I haven't tried, but am looking forward to doing so. The Spotted Pig near Fair Play, SC.

      Near Charleston is Sweatman's BBQ, a must stop, imo.

      1. I just did that exact drive last week and went to college in Carlisle years ago.
        Probably not staying over in Carlisle but there is Genova's, Fay's Country Kitchen, and California Cafe.

        RIght across from the Emory front gate is Falafel King....hole in the wall and good.

        Try Son's Place for hole in the wall meat and three (cash only)...not that far from Emory.

        For oysters near Emory, try Fontaine's in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood.

        For a good southern dinner (or lunch), try JCT Kitchen....not close to Emory but not far either.

        1. 1) Fontaine's Oysterhouse @ 1026 1/2 N Highland Ave NE
          Atlanta, GA 30306

          2) Unsure. I love bbq, but my boyfriend doesn't so we don't hit up bbq joints.

          3) Rosebud!! It's a casual localvore spot with a southern flair @ 1397 north highland avenue atlanta, georgia 30306, and you can check them out at

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          1. re: jessicabcd

            Thank you for all your suggestions! we are firming up our plans more and our first stop out of atlanta will be carlisle so thank you. then atlanta, then charleston, not sure after that but maybe wilmington n.c. or conway, sc or myrtle beach area.
            keep em coming! thanks so much!