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Aug 3, 2009 11:46 AM

Jerky anyone?

For what seems like forever, I've seen the same guy every weekend with a Jerky stand up on 360 just North of the Bee Caves exit. I've never stopped, but he's there without fail every weekend...he must be doing something right...or just likes to spend his days on the side of 360 in the Texas heat.

Curious...anyone made a purchase from the Jerky Guy and care to share?

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  1. Never tried (or even seen) that guy. But the best Jerky I've ever had is from the Roaring Fork at the bar.

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    1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

      I can confirm... nothing like the Roaring Fork beef jerky! They were out when I was there a couple of weeks ago so consider calling ahead if that the reason for your visit.

    2. I drive by him all the time and never stopped. Next time I will.

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      1. re: amysuehere

        The jerky the man is selling on 360 is really good and I'm not that big a fan of jerky. My GF loves it and stops a few times a month. He has all different types of jerky and will let you sample it all. He was very nice when I met him.

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            I tried a teriyaki beef jerky and a habenero beef jerky. Both were tasty. Not a big jerky person. That sounds funny. I'd say if you drive by there, give it a shot. Sample a few. I think my girlfriend bought 3 different bags for $20 bucks.

      2. Finally stopped this weekend. While it's not the very best jerky I've had, it is solid. I ended up buying a straight up peppered and have been noshing on it all week. He marinades the meat first before seasoning and jerky-ing. He has straight-up Texas peppered, teriyaki, jalapeno (turkey of this is quite good), habanero (good heat), and serrano (which I didn't try). Really nice guy. Prices are $10 for one bag, $20 for three.

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          Thanks for the update...I still haven't brought myself to actually stop yet either! Jalapeno Turkey does indeed sound good though...