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Elements, St. Johnsbury?

I'm traveling to NEK with the chowpups, and am curious about Elements. Has anyone eaten there recently? Any other area recommendations? Thanks in advance! BC

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  1. I haven't been there recently, but it had been excellent. There used to be a very good Italian place at the north end of town, but think I heard it had closed. There's also some well-regarded inns heading toward Littleton as well as restaurant's there. The best ones were closed when we were there on a Monday last year, but we had a very good dinner at the Adair Inn. There's another Inn, more famous and expensive, closer to St. J. If you get over to Newport, make sure you go to Lago Trattoria.


    1. I have heard good things but I haven't been myself. What I can recommend is River Garden Cafe in East Burke, very surprisingly good dinners there. Also they mix a great mood adjuster there.

      1. Elements is one of our favorite NEK restaurants. Interesting locally sourced produce and meats. Menu is a little more casual than it has been in the past and changes on a monthly basis. Ate there this past weekend and had enjoyable fried calamari with red pepper sauce and their signature trout cakes with green apple accompanied by a wasabi mayo sauce. Deserts are usually quite good as well - had the goat cheese cheesecake this past time. They also have an interesting wine list -- many bottles in the $20-$30 range and none of the "usual suspects". It's the kind of place that makes exploring a new bottle of wine with dinner enjoyable.

        1. I had an awesome meal there a couple of years ago. Memorable food and atmosphere. I've been meaning to go again, but I'm usually around those parts on Sundays, and they are closed both Sun/Mon.

          1. Was just there this past weekend and loved Elements. Especially, the smoked trout cakes -- order for the table and they'll give you a bigger portion. Comes with wasabi mayo and a sweetish tomato relish that provided a great balance for all the flavors. Also, ruhbarb tart was very nice.

            River Garden Cafe in E. Burke is nice and worth the drive off the beaten path. For breakfast, Busy Bee in Glover has cheap eats and good variety for all the standards. Clean but very tiny. Also, heard that Anthony's Diner in St. J's has a great burger. Was crowded as we drove by for breakfast, too.

            Every town common has a farmer's market, too so be sure to bring back some local produce!

            1. Thanks to the Kingdom 'hounds that checked in. Thanks for all the advice, and I'm very much looking forward to my trip! BC

              1. Elements is great (disclaimer, I know the chef, we grew up together in the NEK). Enjoy yourself! Other recommendations - Trout River Brewery in Lyndonville for pizza and great beer is a must (definitely chowpup friendly). I also agree with the River Garden; although the menu is smaller now that Eddie et al bought from the previous owners, we still get great service and the best part of the meal is still my salad. Anthony's does have good burgers but nothing like what they used to be - Woodsmen 4X4, RIP. You can always try the Miss Lyndonville Diner for breakfast - the service may be brisk but the food is great (their bacon and cheese omelet is mr. bakinggirl's breakfast of choice for going on 15 years). Lago Trattoria is a bit of a drive but has great italian; nothing like that in the St. J/Littleton area.
                If you are in the area Saturday morning, check out the St. J farmer's market on Eastern Ave (next to the Star Theatre). Great produce, amazing flowers, and some great craftsmen (and a little ice cider tasting will never hurt ya)! I was just there a couple weeks ago - our markets here in CT are nice, but not usually as laid back and pleasant as this one.
                If you're in Burke, please avoid the Pub Outback. The food is OK and lots of people will say it's a good hangout, but I've never found it to be any better than mediocre. It's also one of those places where flatlanders let their kids run loose while they sit at the bar and drink (so depending on how you handle your chowpups, you may like or intensely dislike the atmosphere).
                Enjoy the VT summer - no better place to spend summer than the NEK. There's a reason they call it a kingdom - from a former (and hopefully future) Princess.

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                  I’m 100% in agreement with you on these.

                  While some of us folks with red white and blue license plates are not “flatlanders”, I will agree the only thing to ever get at the Pub Outback is the wings and beer then get the heck out. We have a cabin in the area and frequent the trail system there and would also recommend the Tamarack Grill on Burke Mountain, nothing fancy but good drinks and the food is better than you would think.

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                    LOL, River19 - I now live in CT and my father calls me a flatlander...old habits are hard to break!

                2. I ate there last year and had a great meal, but I would never go back. I had gotten the tasting menu and they had mistakenly double changed on an item. Didn't see this until I got home, emailed them to let them know (even scanned the bill) Never got a reply, even with a followup. I was not expecting anything, just an reply. We are in St Johnsbury several times a year, but I'll take my business elsewhere.