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Aug 3, 2009 11:28 AM

2009 Best of Baltimore Poll Results

Baltimore Magazine’s 2009 Best of Baltimore Reader’s Poll is final and a few of the results:

Best Bagel – Panera, (???) Greg’s second, Goldberg’s third, either of which is better
Best Burger – Five Guy’s (OK by me)
Best Crabcake – G&M (Yep)
Best Crabs – Costas’, Mr. Bill’s, Obryki’s
Best Italian – La Scala
Best Mex – Nacho Mama’s
Best Pizza – Matthew’s
Best Bar – Brewer’s Art
Best Seafood – Oceanaire

See the whole list at:

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  1. Not quite as lame as the Washington Post polls, but close. Could there be any better proof of the essential public service that Chowhound provides?

    1. What a shame that Oceanaire and McCormick and Schmick's are #1 and #3 for seafood while Ruth's Chris beat out the Prime Rib which started in Baltimore almost 40 years ago. Of course it could have been worse: they could have listed Phillips as number one.

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      1. One could quibble with Oceanaire and Ruth's Chris, but both of those places have excellent food, if not unique to the area.

        But Panera?!?!?! Blech! How about the worst bagels in the city. My faith in the readers of Baltimore magazine is seriously shaken.

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        1. re: dcopeland

          But they are chains, national chains and Baltimore is a great seafood city that also happens to have one of the best steak houses in America which started there. There is nothing unique about them, nothing that speaks of the city they are in. There was a time when the original Oceanaire in Minneapolis (on the second floor in the back of an office building) at least felt like a Minneapolis seafood restaurant-for whatever that might mean. Now, every Oceanaire that I go in from D. C. to Orlando to Indianapolis, etc. feels like Minneapolis to me. I react negatively to D. C. "best of" polls which are similar in naming national chains as among the best. Still, there was a time when the Chesapeake would have been the city's best seafood restaurant and, without question, the Prime Rib would have been the best steak house just as O'Donnell's was Washington's best seafood restaurant on Pennsylvania avenue. Ironically, many believe that the Prime Rib is D. C.'s best steak house and perhaps Philly's, too, yet it started in Baltimore.

          Sorry for my rant but far too many people vote in these polls who have never had a bite in what they are voting for.