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Aug 3, 2009 11:12 AM

August 2009 Grocery Outlet

San Pablo

25 cents - Trix Yoplait yogurt 4 oz
33 cents - Organic low fat Stoneyfield yogurt (plain) 6 oz
33 cents - Organic crispy onions (the stuff for topping green bean casseroles)
50 cents - Oikos Greek yogurt (6 oz?)
50 cents - Seville dolfin-safe tuna in water 5 oz
99 cents - De Cecco mixed egg and spinach tagliatelle
$1.49 - Snofrisk Norwegian goat/cow's milk spread (like cream cheese but better)
$1.49 - Challenge European butter 6 oz
$1.49 - Hellman's Mayo, squeeze bottle
$1.99 - Land O Lakes butter 1 lb
$2.09 - Natural Brew organic lemon-lime soda 4 bottles
$1.99 - Marquee Seduction 2005 Shiraz / Cab Blend
$2.99 - Sabra hummus, various flavors
$2.99 - Alidoro mixed marinated mushrooms 28 oz

Some of these, like the butter and cheese, are items that come in sort of regularily Since it is fresh fig season, that Snofrisk is just lovely with figs. It is $3.99 at the Berkeley Bowl.

The Trix yoplait doesn't have Trix in it, but is just dyed Trix colors. The raspberry rainbow is a half bright raspberry red and half Trix purple. Despite the HFCS in it, it appeals to my inner child. It is fun. Just dangle something shiny in front of me, I'm amused for hours. Had this with my free McDonald's Mocha Monday sample ... the breakfast of champions

Has anyone tried the mushrooms? They are all good ingrediants, a nice mix of oyster, Shitake and other mushrooms with whole dill seeds at the bottom. I'd buy them but it is a large jar. It turns out I didn't like Gerties artichoke tapanade at all and have this huge jar I don't know how to use. So I hope someone tries these since I don't want another jar keeping the tapenade company in the fridge. It is a Los Gatos company.

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    1. re: sydthekyd

      Chain-wise much better than the disgusting BK Mocha, not as good as Starbucks. Here's my post on the chain board. I prefer the hot mocha. Those little free shots are just enough of that drink. Today is the last free Mocha Monday

    2. I don’t know if it was Alidoro, but I bought some marinated mushrooms from GO a while back that seemed to match your description (big jar with dill seeds at the bottom; mix of shiitakes, oysters and others). The taste was weird for me – that sweet relish flavor, but applied to mushrooms. I wound up rinsing them as much as possible, then using them in another sauce where the relish flavor would get overwhelmed.

      Although I’m a die hard treasure hunting GOer (GO-phile ? GO-head ? GO-bot ?), I must say the Sabra is cheaper at Costco than at GO. GO’s is $3 for 10oz, whereas Costco’s is $7 for 34 oz.

      Was the DeCecco tagliatelle 250g or 500g ? I know most DeCecco is 500g, but I’m not sure about that one. BTW, as of Aug 2, Novato still had festonati and galletti for $0.99, and paccheri for $1.29. As of Aug 1, Petaluma still had pasta mista from a couple months back for $0.50. The mista doesn’t expire until Dec 2010, and its small size and random shapes make it perfect for salad or soup.

      What happened to the south bay GO posters ? I haven’t read anything about the San Jose (Williams) or Redwood City stores in a while to get me to go to either one, even though I live closest to those two.

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      1. re: dump123456789

        I may have time to check the Redwood City store tomorrow and will report back!

        1. Damn. There wasn't any decent yogurt at Oakland when I was there late last week. However:

          99 cents 16 oz. DaVinci organic spaghetti (product of Italy).

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Santa Rosa has the DaVinci organic linguine & sea shells at 99 cents a pound. Still have a bunch of DeCecco pastas too including some on the end aisle.

            Saw the Lol butter & splurged on Challenge European style at $1.59 for half pound.

            Didn't see the Snofrisk cheese, though wasn't specfically looking. No Greek yogurt. No large plain yogurts. Hoping for mascarpone or ricotta for said figs, not that either.

            They got another shipmen of El Mexicano Crema Mexicana. I really like this stuff - cream, milk, dry milk, locust bean gum & carragen. Dresses up anything that likes sour cream.

            4 kinds of Lindt bars including the cherry chile - no price posted.

            1. re: Columba

              All that cheese talk reminds me that San Pablo has wedges of Presidente brie for $1.49. Didn't catch the size but they are large wedges.

              Thanks for the tip on El Mexicano. The SP store has a number of these but with all the Mexican markets around here I didn't even look at them.

              1. re: rworange

                a few days ago, Oakland and Berkeley had lots and lots of brie, Presidente and Belmont, for about less than $3/lb. There was a round of brie, 2.2 lbs, for $5.99 and smaller sizes, 6 oz., 7 oz, etc. I also bought a 2 lb. package of sliced Jarlsberg Light (low-fat) for $5.99, my favorite sliced cheese.

                1. re: zippo

                  Second on the "Jarlsberg Lite!"

              2. re: Columba

                at hayward, the lindt bars are the half size of the regular bars and thus the perfect size for a tasty snack. 2 for $1. several varieties, including 70% and 85% dark bars in the white-edged packaging.

            2. Berkeley:

              Cirio sieved tomatoes, 500g aseptic carton, "produced in Italy": $0.50
              Stock is getting low, not bad for the price. It did need a bit of sugar for balance when I made a sauce


              Muir Glen Italian sausage with peppers pasta sauce, 25.5oz: $2.49

              1. Berkeley Store:

                $2.99 - 1lb President Brie
                $2.99 - 1lb Busseto Proscuitto. Not exactly di Parma, but I think it's perfectly adequate.
                $0.99 - Naked Chocolate Banana Whey + Soy (~30g) Protein Shake
                $1.99 - Good Earth Organic 7-Spice Chai (18 bags)
                $1.50 - Old Germany Herring Fillets (6oz) - They look really good and I saw 4 different types: Paprika sauce, tomato, mushroom, and spicy mustard.
                $2.99 - Bear Naked Native Mango Agave Almond Granola (24oz)
                A couple of types of the fancy De Cecco left, around $1, including Calamarata (1.1lb).
                Snofrisk Norwegian goat/cow's milk spread was there (it's in a triangular contained), didn't see a price
                Didn't see any good butter or yogurt there.
                There were a ton of Vital Vittles breads there on Monday.