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Aug 3, 2009 11:03 AM

Founding Farmers Help!

I'm going to Founding Farmers for dinner tonight. What should I get (appetizer/entree/dessert)? I'm usually a big meat lover... Any recommendations would be very welcome and appreciated. Kind regards!

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  1. I would avoid the pork chops or the roast chicken (both have been very dry) and opt for something braised like the pot roast or the chili; the meat loaf was also pretty good as well as the fried chicken.

    1. So none of the things I really like there are very light for summer- the lobster mac and cheese was very good when I had it, the pot roast was really good, the meatloaf was good.

      I also like the cornbread. Portions are huge, I couldn't eat three courses if I tried.

      I saw the tomato soup and grilled cheese that looked good and the salads looked great. I thought the fried green tomatoes were good, but they had a lot of breading- would have been very tasty as a BLT, though.

      That's my two cents on it. Oh the veggie sandwich also looked particularly good. I have wanted to go back to try that and the grilled cheese just have been too many other places to eat recently.

      1. The skirt steak enchilada platter has been ordered by dining partners two times I've been there and it has looked extremely good and ENORMOUS. You would be hard pressed to find someone able to eat an appetizer, entree, AND dessert at FF. By the way, don't waste your time with their flatbreads. They're really just some toppings on sliced baguette. Not melted or anything.

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          Love the grilled cheese & tomato soup.
          People I went with loved the pot roast and mac and cheese w/ lobster, too.
          Carrot cake for dessert (huge) was a big hit!
          Salads and bacon lollipops for appetizers were excellent, as well.

        2. I've ordered and tasted quite a few things here.

          housemade potato chips with three dips (best green goddess dressing)
          buttermilk fried chicken salad with honey mustard (really juicy fried chicken and the dressing had a kick)
          lobster mac and cheese
          grilled cheese with french fries and tomato soup (super rich and divine)
          veggie sandwich (really hearty and large)

          beef stroganoff (meat was braised well but otherwise bland)
          cheese puffs (way too greasy)
          cheese platter (overpriced, and they left off many of the sides and wouldn't bring them to us)

          Enjoy! Don't be alarmed if they are out of seemingly vital ingredients (i.e. bread), or if the waitstaff is unknowledgeable or rude. I have enjoyed my experiences there despite minor complications.