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Aug 3, 2009 10:53 AM

Where to eat near courthouse on 7th and mission?

Chowhound from D.C. coming to San Francisco. Any suggestions for yummy places to eat dinner near the ninth circuit courthouse on 7th and mission? Not too expensive please (government per diem). Thanks!

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  1. Out the Door, cheaper spinoff of the famous Slanted Door, Vietnamese. Basement of the mall a block away.

    Litle Joe's, very old-school SF-style Italian.

    Schnitzel Haus, German.

    About half a mile away, Lers Ros, best Thai food in the area.

    1. Yellow Pa Taut for Burmese lunch plates.

      Yellow Pa Taut
      15 Boardman Pl, San Francisco, CA 94103

      1. Heaven's Dog is right there. The noodle counter there would fit the bill. A bit cheaper than the restaurant.

        A bit of a walk through the scenic Tenderloin (really, at night take the bus or a cab), check out Lers Ros Thai. Huge, interesting menu, reasonable prices, hightly recommended.

        1. I like Le Charm French Bistro on 5th St. cross Folsom

          1. If you're from D.C., I'm guessing a lack in Mexican food. I'd go to Taqueria Cancun on 6th/Market. Hole-in-the-wall but very good, cheap, must eat there. Also at the Westfield Mall there's WichCraft, casual but nice sandwiches. The shaved head chef/host from Top Chef owns it.

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              Wichcraft is a NYC chain with a dozen branches there and one each in SF and Las Vegas.