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Aug 3, 2009 10:42 AM

Farmers' Markets, CSAs, Farms stands August 2009

I hope to get to my home market at Copley tomorrow. I've been so busy covering other markets for assignments that I'm missing out on Copley!

I visited the Newton Market at Cold Spring Park last week and was very impressed. That is a great market with a wonderful, warm vibe. I'll come back and link when the editor posts the piece. I had some of the best corn I've ever tasted from Nicewicz Family Farm.

And, I picked up a few items at the Prudential Market on Thursday. They seem to be picking up a bit more business. They added a gentleman with fantastic lily's and "MY Dog Ate it" dog treats last week.

Has anyone see the little, flat Saturn peaches yet this year? I can't wait for those.


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  1. Here is the full report on the Newton Market. It went up sooner than I expected.

    I forgot to mention the wonderful scallions I had from the Hmong Farmer. Their produce is so beautiful.

    1. DH brought some of the season's most tasty corn from Connor's in Danvers on Saturday last. Their own and so very sweet. No we do not rip back the husks. Just a little prodding at the top will tell you if the cobs are full..... no need to spoil a beautiful cob. The husks go into our compost bin. We win twice.

      1. I talked to several farmers at the Davis market yesterday about the tomato situation this year. Enterprise Farm (Davis & Brookline markets) reported that although it has been a tough year, so far they have not been seriously affected by late blight -- they had the first organic heirloom tomatoes I've seen for sale this year (brandywines and a few others, along with beautiful looking standard red tomatoes). Nicewicz Family Farm (Davis, Brookline, Belmont, Union Square) didn't have tomatoes yet, although they report the crop is looking good (they are not organic and have been spraying fairly heavily). Kimball Farms (many markets) also has lots of tomatoes, with many heirloom varieties ripe now -- although again they are not organic, and have been spraying fairly heavily.

        1. I stopped by Dewey Square (outside S. Sta) today and saw more stalls than the last time I'd happened by. One farm from Holliston (name escaped me) charged by the pound (instead of by the pint/quart/container) so I grabbed a few plums to supplement my lunch.

          Most of the stands had berries, apples, plums, tomatoes, etc but I didn't have the time to casually peruse them all to see everything they offered. The bakeries and cookie vendors were the only ones who had lines at their stands; I hope the farmers are making money!

          1. I took a quick run through the Prudential Market today. This one is new this year and can use some support.

            I picked up some wonderful strawberries (Spring Brook farms I think) and great potatoes from Drumlin Farm. Plus some pizza and a sandwich from Sel de la Terre and bread from When Pigs Fly.

            For the families with dogs out there, My Dog Ate it! catering has joined this market and has well thought out treats.