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On Average, how often do you eat fish?

I was talking to a friend the other day who loves fish but only eats it about 1x per month because he doesnt feel confident cooking it. I thought back through the previous week and had eaten fish 5x, sometimes for lunch sometimes for dinner. On average, how often to you eat fish and do you eat fish more or less than beef and poultry?

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  1. I eat fish about once a week. I eat meat or poultry every day.
    I find that fish does not satisfy my appetite

    1. fish or shellfish at least 3x/week.

      1. Does a can of tuna, roasted eel or sardines count? :-)

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            * because he doesnt feel confident cooking it......

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              aah, i thought you were asking if *your* consumption of those items would count. and of course, they would :)

        1. I have cut wayyy back on my fish intake for environmental reasons. I can find sustainable alternatives to things like farmed shrimp and other fish, but they are more expensive so I eat less of them than I used to. So, I probably went from having fish 5-6X/week to about 3x/week.

          Next year I hope to join my local CSF so that will up my intake, at least for the summer.

              1. Fresh fish two times a week
                Shrimp once a week
                Canned salmon, salmon burgers, smoked salmon three or four times a week
                Sushi, oysters, mussels, scallops and herring not nearly enough! -- a few times a month.

                I probably eat meat and poultry two times a week each. Often the meat is more of an accent.

                1. In Florida, about 4 times weekly. In Mexico, every day.

                  1. We eat fish 2-3 times a week. I have a million recipes for it and we prefer chicken, fish or vegetables to beef. I've been cooking fish for years and never had a problem with it.

                    1. maatjes herrings: every saturday at the market
                      fresh fish: 2x/week
                      shellfish: 1x/week
                      oysters: 1x/month, a dozen or two in one go.
                      tinned sardines/mackerel in tomato sauce: 1x a week.

                      i also like salmon roe and codfish liver etc. i do eat meat, and also meatless, a couple of times a week. always rotating so that i don't eat meat or fish 2 days in a row.

                      1. In all shapes, forms and fashions...about 3-4 times per week

                        1. I eat fish or seafood at least once a week. Every other day I usually eat chicken or pork (sometimes lamb if I'm lucky). I used to avoid eating fish more than once a week because I associated it with having to give up meat, but nowadays I will eat fish even when it's not a meatless day.

                          1. Generally it's too expensive for my budget (I hate tilapia, what can I say), so I don't eat it as much as I would like. Also, cooking for one, it's not efficient (I hate fish as a leftover except tuna casserole; lean proteins just don't re-warm well unless I go through too much effort). Increasingly, I also realize that the best way to love wild fish is to abstain for a while to let the fisheries replenish. (This is true of many things: if you love something or someplace, sometimes the best thing you can do it is love it from a distance.)

                            For flesh products, I mainly eat chicken, turkey, pork and sausage. Beef is infrequent (but getting skirt steak for $3/lb at PriceRite in Lynn, MA on Saturday meant I had steak at home for the first time in many months); maybe once every three months. Fish about the same, not counting canned tuna. Lamb, which I love, is also too dear in price; maybe twice a year. I get veal breast and ground veal at times. Ground buffalo for my Almost All American chili (recipe posted in old threads) several times a year. I love rabbit, duck and goose, but they are too dear; once a year kind of things.

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                              I'm with you, I'd love to eat fish more often but it is too expensive (at least the fish that I enjoy is). I'm trying to cook it once a week, but with no kitchen fan I hate how the smell linger. I use to eat sushi weekly, but since I moved from Baltimore to Cambridge I haven't found good (convenient) sushi take out.

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                                Karl - perhaps you'll consider investigating the Cape Ann FreshCatch Community Supported Fishery program several of us here in the Boston area have bought into this summer. 12 weeks of the freshest fish caught in local waters. Here's a link to more info:

                                To the OP: We generally eat fresh fish twice a week and perhaps tinned sardines/anchovies/albacore once a week. We're gearing down to eating more
                                vegetables than meat these days purely for health reasons.

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                                  I like your frugality a lot, Karl. In NYC, thank goodness for Chinatown and the Dominican fish markets!

                                  I prep fish in some way about three times a week. I buy local, dayboat fish (like bluefish) and it's not too much more than what beef costs in the city. Tilapia -- even farmed tilapia -- works well in ceviches. The Japanese markets near me carry fresh smelt and sardines, which my dog and I grill and share (while the SO digs into his steak / chicken / pork).

                                2. This summer, we were lucky enough to live near a bi-weekly market that also features a steckerlfisch stand: fresh grilled whole trout, mackerel, sometimes pike perch or loup de mer (at 5-6 € per fish), as well as garlic & parsley-stuffed squid and shrimp skewers; one can also just get a filet instead of a whole fish. All fish are served with lemon, horseradish, homemade tartar sauce, and raw onions.

                                  It's been our lunch every Wed & Sat. There's also a stand selling hot-smoked salmon, which I only get every once in a while b/c it's rather pricy.

                                  Back at home, I'd love to have salmon at least twice a week, but my man doesn't dig salmon. So it's other fish -- cod, haddock, trout, or scallops (which are insanely expensive in Germany) instead, but still about twice a week.

                                  1. Nowadays I try to serve it at least three times a week, often more. If you're careful about checking the packaging for tearing and losing vacuum, Trader Joe's frozen fish is a real bargain; Alaskan cod, mahi-mahi, rockfish and the various kinds of wild salmon are frequent dinner guests, and we'll sometimes splurge on the good fresh fish that one farmer's market vendor has. With our advancing age and health issues (not to mention getting fat), we're getting to the point where fish and a salad or broccoli or something is a complete evening meal. Damn good thing we like it!

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                                      Now I'm feeling guilty. Off the Yucatan near the Palancar reef, 20 minutes with a Hawaiian sling after breakfast provides a nice boquinette or grouper dinner, your choice. And no cash register on the way out. (But not in SW Cozumel- national park -hands off).

                                    2. We love the stuff -- 2-3 times per week.

                                      1. Couple of times a week.

                                        Trying to eat less of the "at risk" fish like cod and haddock and more of the sustainable (and oily) stuff like mackerel.

                                        Lamb is our main meat. Then pork and beef. Chicken and other poultry more rarely (perhaps a couple of times a month).

                                        Coupled with eating vegetarian meals also a couple of times a week, I reckon we have a reasonably balanced and varied diet.

                                        1. Fresh salmon daily, preferably king, for the health benefits and the taste.

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                                            King salmon are hopelessly depleted. I enjoyed extraordinary fresh sockeye last night, but they have a very short season. I played a Janis CD because her passionate "get it while you can" lyrics seemed fitting.

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                                              Holy cow. Fresh King salmon ... daily?

                                              I need to get on your meal plan, or at least your income bracket.

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                                                One thing I've learned on Chow is that food is one of those necessities that lots of people are willing to go the extra mile to get what they like. I've noticed some of these people are alot more compulsive than others :).
                                                Salmon is one of my priorities.
                                                I was born and raised with the best of salmon and I'll do whatever I have to do to get it and it has to be ultra fresh. White king is my favorite but it's not always in season. King runs throughout the year.
                                                Thankfully there's ice and priority overnight.

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                                                  Latindancer, out of curiosity, where were you raised that had the best salmon? and of course, favorite preparations?

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                                                    I was raised in the Pacific Northwest...Washington State where choices are bountiful when it comes to fresh fish, either local or flown in from Alaska.
                                                    I'm a purist when it comes to food and don't care for added ingredients that might compromise the integrity or flavor of the fish.
                                                    I poach or grill my salmon.

                                            2. Bought or caught, at least 3 times a week. Last week at the cabin caught lake trout and land locked salmon. Getting slower in the steams for brown trout. Mackerel are running too. Great smoked (But a little soggy and hard to light; ooo, bad joke.).

                                              1. I love seafood and eat fish usually at least once a week and up to four times! (of course, a few of those times tend to be as leftovers from the night before, haha).

                                                It's getting hard to find find that isn't a) high in mercury b) environmentally sustainable c) tasty! I prefer whitefish and am eating a lot of tilapia...

                                                Any other suggestions?

                                                Writing away about my latest 3 week adventure through China at http://katacomb.blogspot.com

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                                                  I don't know where you are Takat, but some good white fleshed choices on the west coast include Pacific Halibut and Cod, Pollock, Sardines, Catfish and Rockfish.

                                                2. I am spolied living in Bermuda and coming from a long line of Fishermen. We eat fish, I mean fresh fish about 4 times a week, (husband fishes for a living) sometimes more sometimes less all depends what is biting.

                                                  We catch an array of fish here, Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Pompano, Wahoo (personal favorite) Tuna, Rainbow runner, Bontia, Turbot, and Hog Fish just to name a few.

                                                  Lobster season is about to kick in so I will be able to add lobster to the list.

                                                  I personally would rather have steak 5 days a week (have a severe case of anemia) but fish is also good for me. I eat steak about once a week and chicken or pork the rest.

                                                  1. Fresh fish - about once a week
                                                    Canned fish - about once a week
                                                    Dried fish - daily, sometimes twice a day

                                                    1. not often enough. home cooked, maybe twice a month, if we're including canned stuff. sushi a little more often.
                                                      when we're on vacay in St. Lucia, much more often.