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Registry Wish List

My fiance and I have lived in our house for 3 years. Not to mention our years outside of our parents home, I will say that we have all the basics for a cooking kitchen. It's getting time to upgrade by registering.

There are some things I still haven't bought myself: the Kitchenaide Standup Mixer (which is my #1 WANT), a food processor, a decent microwave and blender, cast iron skillet, decent pots (I have some from Ikea! Blasphamy!), and knives that cut more than my fingers (my current set is also from Ikea. I'm not proud). Makes, models, and accessories suggestions for these items please!

What fancy gadgets, knives, pots/pans, baking sheets, utensils, plug-in appliances should I be asking my dear friends and family to purchase for us to make our home kitchen more than just a start-up kitchen?

What are some items that you would like to upgrade in your kitchen?

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  1. - in terms of large appliances, i love my Cuisinart Stand Mixer and Kitchen Aid Food Processor. and if you have someone who's feeling *really* generous and flush with cash, you could always try for the GE Advantium microwave!
    - for a lender, it depends on what you use it for. you can't realy beat a Vita-Mix for sheer power, but it's huge & unnecessary of you don't use it a lot.
    - definitely add a stick/hand blender to the list (you can search this board to read the various recs).
    - #1 on my personal wish list right now is a selection of good Japanese knives.

    congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

    1. a decent cutting board/block to go with those nicer knives you're hoping for! :)

      1. I'm sure you'll get plenty of good suggestions for knives, applicances, etc. Here are two items that fit in the budget for not-too-over-the-top gifts: a Thermapen instant read thermometer (about $90), and a NuTemp NU-701 Wireless Remote Thermometer (about $60). (The Thermapen isn't designed to stay in the food during cooking, the Nu Temp is).

        PS: And a set of Silpat silicone sheets! And a Williams-Sonoma GoldTouch Half Sheet Pan (not just for baking -- Roasting is better because the low sides don't block the heat).

        1. Thank you so much for the suggestions.
          Keep them coming!

          1. makelifeinteresting, A Cona size D. http://sweetmarias.com/prod.brewers.v...

            1. It will brew a better cup of non-espresso coffee better than any other device in the world.

            2. It will give you some together time, as brewing in a Cona is hands-on.

            3. It is a sure-fire conversation piece when you entertain at home and make after-dinner coffee at the table.

            1. I'm not married but have pretty decent kitchen equipment. I decided that I did not want to wait for the wedding registry and decided to buy the stuff by myself. I have:

              - 6 quart Kitchenaid Professional Mixer in Empire Red (some people prefer the Cuisinart but I love my Kitchenaid)
              - 2 Le Creuset french ovens (5.5 qt round and 6.75 qt oval)
              - hodgepodge of different All-Clad pots and pans (some people have something against All-Clad but I used them in culinary school and really like them)
              - Cuisinart food processor (many people like the Kitchenaid food processor but I like my Cuisinart)
              - porcelain ware (I have Corningware, pyrex and several Le Creuset casseroles and various dishes)
              - Meat thermometer (I use the same Taylor one I got from culinary school)
              - knives (German or Japanese? Choice is yours. I have a set of f.dicks from culinary school and they work well for me)
              - flatware (I love my Henkels flatware but you should choose the pattern that is right for you)
              - pizza stone (I have a Kitchenaid stone and a enamel cast iron pizza pan)
              - bella cucina rocket (macy's version of the magic bullet. i love the darn thing and I only paid $25 for it. i use it more than my blender.)
              - bread machine (i like to make homemade bread but some days i prefer to throw everything into the machine and have fresh baked buttermilk bread. it is not as good as making it by hand but it is convenient.)
              - china/stoneware (your choice whether you want something more formal or something that can be used for both casual and formal. I chose modern because I don't have many formal dinners.)

              That is all I can think of right now. Time for bed.
              - Coffee maker (if you're a coffee drinker. I am the only coffee drinker so I have a Keurig. I would love to upgrade to the Breville but cannot justify the cost.)
              - Cast Iron skillet
              - cute spice containers (I like my spices organized in the little magnetic tins
              - Silpats (I buy the Sur la Table brand. It is cheaper and works just as well.)

              1. Go for the bigger engine on the stand mixer. We blew one engine in the first 4 mos. (extruding spaghetti) but it was under warranty and Kitchenaid could not have been more helpful. The lesson there is to pay attention to suggested settings and letting the engine warm up for things that will strain it, like grinding meat and kneading dough. Also, I now find my in laws' regular size (500 series?) kitchenaid frustratingly small since I'm used to easily doing double batches, including kneading 2 loaves worth of bread dough in ours--truly amazing how easily spoiled one can get, but I still think it's worth the margin to get the bigger one given the amount you'll spend on any stand mixer.

                1. ah, knives, if I had to start, I'd go for a MAC Superior mth 80 chef's knife or a Misono ux-10 and a honing rod to keep the edge straight. You will not believe how much you will look forward to food prep with good knives

                  1. Okay. One last bump on this thread. Let's see if I can get a little more advice!

                    I've been looking at the All-Clad and Cephalon pots and pans. I'm a little reluctant to register for items so expensive! Any other pots/pans that are a little more cost efficient that you can recommend? I understand the investment, but I really need to think about my friends and family, all who are struggling in this economy.

                    Meanwhile, I know there are many many threads on cookware. So I'll peruse those as well.

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                      Good pots and pans are expensive, and there is no way around that, unless you stumble across a major sale or hit TJ Maxx/Marshall's at the right time. Why don't you cull your kitchen and pick out the pots and pans that are important to upgrade? Such as a saute pan over a stock pot, and register for fewer, but higher quality items.

                      Don't feel the pick out every gift--let your guests come up with their own.

                      1. re: makelifeinteresting

                        i registered for all clad and received all of them- a tip though- there are some that are promotionally priced- 3.5 saucepot for 99 an all purpose pan for 99. there are others as well. Also the cuisinart multiclad line is much less expensive.

                        I got a few shun knives and love them- again by not getting a set- they are reasonable for a gift

                        also where are you registering? you may get some specific items if you let us know

                        1. re: qwerty78

                          I am registering at Macys and Bed Bath and Beyond for sure. I want to register at Sur la Table, but I'm afraid bc of it's lack of locations, I may not get anything from there. I may end up registering at Target as well for household decor items. And I love Crate and Barrel for their serving dishes, curtains, vases, pillows... random more decorative items.

                          Is 5 places too much?

                          So far I've only started one at Macys. I've been to Sur la Table and have picked out the knives I want (I liked the weight and handle on the Henckell's. And because I'm new to "good knives", I want to get a basic block with a couple of extra slots for future knife investments).

                          I also like the brand of nonstick cookware they sell - Scanpan. They told me they don't scratch with metal utensils, a bad habit I have never broken. Anyone know anything about these?

                          I want to register for All Clad, but choose pieces instead of a set most likely. I don't know that I'll ever use a skillet that's not nonstick. Macy's had an All Clad set that came with 2 skillets. And they don't give much options for registering for pieces of the sets.

                          What do you think about registering at a store that few, if none, of my friends and family shop at? I just love the store, and think they have superior products, but I'm afraid of running the risk of not getting my main items - cookware and knives - because I registered for them at a store that no one has a desire to find.

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                            How about online stores? Amazon.com has this "universal wish list" which is basically a central place of items from any online stores.


                            1. re: makelifeinteresting

                              5 might be a bit much- but it depends on your crowd
                              i have to say that the Bed Bath registry was very user friendly. and they have many of the items that i thought would only be at the very high end places. again do look for the promotional all clad pieces, for some reason they have a few pieces that are just less expensive than others and you can build a reaonable collection that way (off hand there's a 3.5 quart saucepan at macy's $99, the 1.5 quart sauce pan is reasonble at $75, there's a 6 quart deep saute that's $159 and I think there are others in the $99 range).

                              if your friends and family were like mine, most people will shop online for wedding gifts so they don't have to transport them to the wedding. But for my shower I recieved mostly bed bath and beyond and crate and barrel items that were in stock that they could bring to the shower. People also like to use the bed bath coupons.

                              good luck and congratulations!