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Aug 3, 2009 09:47 AM

What to avoid in Rockport/Gloucester Area?

Hi - we'll be spending a weekend in Rockport towards the end of the month and it will be the first time I've been back there in 20+ years. I've pulled tons of good suggestions from the board but thought it might be easier to know if there's any place in particular we should avoid. We'll be looking for seafood, good hot dogs, good breakfasts, fun sandwiches, etc... and maybe one nicer dinner. Heard mixed things about My Place By the Sea - can anyone corroborate?

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  1. In general, I would avoid Rockport. Very touristy and devoid of interesting food. My Place By the Sea not bad, but nothing special. Gloucester is much more of a real place, with a nice art scene, but also a working waterfront and a downtown shopping area with funky charm that has a mix of local shopping and arts and crafts type shopping. Lots of good casual and fine dining options.

    1. Went to the Lobster Pool this weekend and it was only meh. The fried clams were good but the fried shrimp and the onion rings had a lousy, doughy, bland batter. Have had good meals at the Roy Moore restaurant and others like the Roy Moore fish market that also sells prepared food to go.

      1. From my experience last evening I would suggest that you avoid Latitude 43.

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          2nd that, meh chow and total robbery.

        2. I've heard great things about Duckworth's in Gloucester, but haven't been there myself. I do like the Gloucester House -- very old school New England food. Nothing inventive/creative, but good boiled, broiled, fried seafood.

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            Second Duckworth's.
            Get a reservation! The place is very small.

          2. Been to MP many times, great views, small menu using fresh ingredients and local when possible and excellent flavors. The wine selection could use a upgrade and sometimes the wait staff can be a bit slow but, for me that's OK I'll soak up the view.