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Aug 3, 2009 09:11 AM

Stick blender broke........Bamix? (moved from Ontario board)

My parents have the bamix blender and I like it but anyone know where I can get it at a resonable price. I think my mom got it from the shopping channel but they don't have it anymore. Is there a different one that has imressed you.
thanks all

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  1. I have a bamix as well and out of all the ones i have tried it is the one i like the best ( it over 20 yrs old and still going ) unfortunately there are only a few stores in toronto that carry the bamix, but, since the CNE is coming up this month, there is usually a bamix booth in wirh all the other home goodies stuff which i think is loacated in the "hangar". unfortunately it is not cheap expect the price to be around a $100 or so, but you get what you pay for. also you may be able to talk to the bamix rep and see about getting your old one repaired.

    1. You can find Bamix hand blender at Williams-Sonoma in Toronto. Its price is $175. But, I guess, it is worth it.

      1. Honestly, I recommend the KitchenAid Hand Blender. It got the top rating from cooks illustrated and I love mine. Its a beast as far a power goes. Comes with a whisk and a mini food processor. I have used a few different brands and this is my fave.

        1. I've had one, but it finally broke...motor's running , but blade doesn't turn. I've cleaned it according to instruction's but stil... I'm going to the CNE just to look for the Bamix booth. I'll let you know what happens and where to buy one. I know the distributor moved from Thornhill to Manitoba. I love that Bamix!!!

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            Bamix is in Calgary now..the distributor is Ocean Sales toll-free 1-800-668-1966.
            The drive shaft was broken on mine, there's no charge for labour, but parts and shipping will cost $50. to Toronto.
            Ocean Sales Ltd.
            176 Country Hills Landing
            NW Calgary. Alberta,
            T3K 5P3

          2. I love my bamix, I had a cheap 30 dollar one before but I love the bamix especially that you can change the blades for difference uses.