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Aug 3, 2009 09:03 AM

Moving to a new hood 28th street East Side. Food/Grocery/Restaurant Recs?

My husband and I are moving from the Upper East Side where we lived for almost 5 years. We love the neighborhood and we had our fave "go to" places for things including delivery, favorite local restaurant, Italian and take out.

(some of our favorites uptown include Finnegan's Wake for a burger, Citarella for meat, Vermicelli for Vietnamese, Caffe Buon Gustto, Sabor a Mexico for tacos, Delizia for pizza slices and Al Forno for pie)

We're moving downtown from UES to East Side 28th Street. Would love some recommendations for:
Local Groceries (good butcher, fish etc.)
Favorite Chinese/Thai/Japanese takeout
Best Delivery
Pizza by the slice
Egg and cheese sandwiches (a nice, clean bodega. We had a great one called Best Health on our old corner)

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  1. Bruno King of Ravioli for cold cuts/italian bread, pastries, etc. - 387 Second Ave. (btw. 22 & 23 St.)
    Next door is a butcher and a fish market.
    Defonte's for sandwiches
    261 3rd Ave
    The cottage for chinese
    261 3rd Ave
    Go to Bao noodles for good vietnamese.
    1st btwn 22nd and 23rd

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      Thank you so much!!! Totally forgot about Defonte's and I think there is a Baoguette nearby as well!

      1. re: CMG920

        Dafonte's is good, but I like Lamazou much better for sandwiches and cheese, and Nancy and Aziz will become like family. NYT reviewed both sandwich shops a few months back:

        Also around the corner from your new digs is Artisanal (32nd and Park), the best place for cheese in the city. They also have great lunch and "pre theather" price fix menus for $25 and Dinner price fix for $35.

    2. Burgers - I like the ones at Blue Smoke. There's also always Shake Shack.

      Italian - the new 'Inoteca is close by.

      Sandwiches - Lamazou or Defonte's. Baoguette is pretty good as a non-Chinatown banh mi. The lunch special sandwiches at Pamplona are also excellent.

      Bakery - Delice is hit or miss dependent on what you get. I also quite like the baked goods at Fika.

      These threads should help:

      Murray Hill Restaurant Suggestions - GOOD ONES

      Best Restaurants on Curry Row?

      Best Murray Hill Coffee?

      Dinner near E 25th & Lex

      some good breakfast spots in (or near) Murray Hill

      New Hood - 23rd and Lex

      Good eats near 24th street & 3rd Ave

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      1. re: kathryn

        Thank you so much Kathryn! Just glancing at some of those threads I see some "goodies!! THese are so helpful!

        1. re: CMG920

          I forgot to mention that Kalustyan's is a gem for hard to find ingredients like extracts, oils, spices, jarred goods, and canned goods.

          1. re: kathryn

            Wow, Pampolona looks amazing for lunch!! Thank you Kathryn.

            1. re: CMG920

              kathryn beat me to it, but it bears repeating...proximity to Kalustyan's is one of the best things about living in that neighborhood.

              you'll also expand your options even more if you search for threads about Kips Bay.

            2. re: kathryn

              Yes, and their Mujadara on the 2nd floor is great.

              I like Vezzo's for good, inexpensive cracker-crust pizza and salad.

          2. re: kathryn

            Burgers - Water front Ale house & Les Halles

          3. Welcome to the hood. Here are some of my favs;

            Butcher/Fish Monger - Todaro Bros - 2nd ave, 31st
            Burger - Mollys - 3rd and 22st
            Brunch - Penelope - Lex and 31
            Greek - Ethos 3rd and 32
            Sushi - Amber - 3rd and 28th
            Chinese - None
            Mexican - El Parador on 34th or Mexico Lindo on 2nd and 27th
            Pamploma is excellent as is Lamazou for sandwiches

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            1. pick a bagel is on 2nd btwn 23rd and 22nd and ess a bagel is on first btwn 21st and 20th .
              You can get good moules frites at petite abeielle on 1st btwn 22nd and 21st. Cosmo's diner was always my diner. 2nd ave btwn 23rd and 22nd.

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              1. re: notsochubbychubette

                Excellent! Thank you. Totally forgot about a bagel place!!

                1. re: CMG920

                  Ess-a-bagel is much better than Pick a bagel.

              2. Local Groceries - Morton Williams (either 23rd St. @ Second or Park Avenue @ 22nd)
                Avoid D'Agostino or Food Emporium unless it is absolutely necessary.

                Favorite Chinese/Japanese takeout - Jimmy's House or J East for Chinese.
                Amber for Japanese.

                Italian: Novita (they also deliver)

                Burgers - Blue Smoke. Avoid Shake Shake if at all possible.

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                1. re: Hurner

                  For Pizza:

                  Da Ciro - Lexington between 33/34
                  Vezzo - Lexington @31

                  Italian (al fresco) - I Trulli