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DFW -- Best Breakfast Burrito

I nominate La Victoria on N. Haskell and San Jacinto, just south of Ross Ave. A fully loaded burrito with potatoes, egg and chorizo and a side of tasty salsa cost $3 and was plenty filling. Anyone care to second the nomination or put forth their own nominee?

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  1. I nominate Gonzalez on Jefferson. They are made with the most delicious flour tortillas in town. One is all you'll need.

    Gonzalez Restaurant
    367 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208

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        Thanks for the tip, Franklyn. I'll have to check Gonzalez out!

      2. I did actually read some very favorable reviews about La Victoria. I'm going to try it as soon as I can.

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          Give the Taco Joint a try. Corner of Peak and Gaston.

        2. Taqueria Arrandas!!! Directly off of 35, head north from Dallas... at Regal Row.. they have a drive-thru. Lo mejor burrito de chorizo, huevos y papas! Seriously, kicks butt. If you get the green sauce, prepare for a kick to your tongue.

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            Thanks for the rec, Loreck, I'll try to check this place out!

          2. Thank you for asking this..as I am dying to try some of these places!

            1. Taco Joint at Gaston and Peak has been a favorite for many months, serving more of the gringo Austin-style Tex-Mex tacos on whole wheat, corn, or flour tortillas (I especially like TJ's migas), but today I just tried (thanks to recommendations below) La Victoria on Haskell just south of Ross. It was truly one of the best Tex-Mex breakfasts that I recall, even after having thoroughly experienced the San Antonio taqueria scene while living there for a couple of years. La Victoria was so good, in fact, that I returned with a friend for lunch, sharing a stellar Torta Cubana and stupefying Supreme Burrito with chicken and beef fajita meat, rice, beans, white cheese, etc. Further, the proprietors at both the Taco Joint and La Victoria are stellar, and I parrticularly found the nice woman who runs La V more than willing to adjust or prepare any item to suit one's taste.

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                Glad you liked La victoria, pschweizer, and Vickie is definitely super-nice!

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                  I still haven't tried the taco joint but it is at the of my list.

                2. Since you opened it up for DFW....
                  Las Amigas Taqueria in S. Arlington if you are in the midcities.
                  Esperanza's in fort Worth, bakery door next to the restaurant.

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                    I think you ned to define "Breakfast burrito" is it the California style large tortilla stuffed with eggs, potatos, sausage, cheese and slasa.

                    or the 8" flour or corn tortilla filled with separate egg mixes....e.g. bacon & egg taco, potato and egg taco, chorizo and egg taco...ect.

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                      The burritos at La Victoria are somewhere in between, as far as size. At La V, they are large flour tortillas about the size of two breakfast tacos , but neatly folded on one end and then grilled on two sides. You can get pretty much whatever traditional fillings you want - eggs, ham, and cheese; eggs, bacon, and cheese; bean and cheese; chorizo and egg; spinach, roasted poblano, egg, and cheese; etc. etc. etc. ... Although certain combinations are suggested on the menu, Vicky and her cousin Guadalupe make each to order with whatever ingredients you want that they have on hand - certainly not California burrito size or ingredient selection - a la Moe's, Chipotle, or QDoba - but most of the standard Tex-Mex taco ingredients.

                      Beyond, the outstanding burritos, La Victoria has the phenomenal huevos rancheros. You have to experience them for yourself to truly appreciate them. The eggs are cooked perfectly, accompanied by Guadalupe's unusually good homemade flour tortillas (regular 6"-8" size), Mexican potatoes, pinto beans (not refried, not whole, but blended just right with perfect seasoning), and La V's signature "salsa regular."

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                        We tried La Victoria on Saturday morning and we can fully support all the great things that have been posted on this board. The burritos were perfect. From the warm, grilled flour tortilla to the mix of ingredients. The fact that two people can eat breakfast (and be full) for under $10 was amazing. And Vicky was perfect. She welcomed us to the restaurant, she offerred suggestions when we asked how big the burritos were, and the chorizo was great. There was no grease in the bottom of the burrito, which sometimes is a staple at other area restaurants. We will be back!

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                          We were there Saturday morning, too - my three sons, two neighborhood friends of theirs, and I. ... My kids had never had breakfast burritos before, but now they're hooked!

                  2. The breakfast burritos at Melis Taqueria at 4304 West Vickery are outstanding. They have egg, chorizo, beans, and cheese and are $2.75 each with red or green hot sauce on the side. One will fill you up.

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                      Has anyone ever eaten at Rolando's super tacos in San Antonio.

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                        San Antonio moved to the DFW area?